60 Sexy and Hot Tracer Pictures

Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person shooting game, Overwatch, gave birth to a lot of remarkable video game characters, including the sexy and energetic Tracer. The compulsive gunner is known to be of British descent. She is also renowned for her beauty, as evidenced in the Sexy and Hot Tracer Pictures we have collected and published below.

Her debut appearance is on the Overwatch reveal trailer way back in 2014. She is currently in the roster of Overwatch, as well as in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s MOBA game. Her cross-over appearance on the latter said video game happened the same year with Overwatch’s release.

Tracer’s health is fragile, yet, she still appears to be capable of combat. She also has a lot of abilities, including time traveling and fast-paced teleportation, that is also present on her in-game skillset.

She acquired these peculiar abilities through a time and space accident; however, the genius ape Winston helped Tracer to control her time frame. He did this by creating the complicated chronal accelerator and gave it to Tracer.

Perhaps, the time-controlling gunner is one of Over watch’s most iconic characters. Tracer is present in almost major video game promotions, as well as being the character model for the video game’s cover art.

Tracer also received her comic series. The first major revelation in her lore is her identification as a Lesbian.

Players got more in terms of Tracer’s in-game lore in 2017 when Blizzard released Uprising, a game mode that encourages players to team up and battle with an AI-controlled environment. Tracer is one of the playable characters in this mode, together with Mercy, Torbj√∂rn, and Reinhardt.

The story was a flashback, roughly seven years before the present events on the Overwatch video game.

In 2016, Blizzard premiered Recall, the first installment in the series of Overwatch shorts. Although gamers can only hear Tracer’s voice in the first episode, she finally made an appearance in the second installment, Alive. In this particular short, Tracer received a task to protect a VIP from an attacker, Widowmaker. Tracer fails, which also leads to the damage of her chronal accelerator.

Shortly after Uprising’s release in 2017, Tracer also appeared in a lore-based short episode about Doomfist.

The next year, Tracer scored an appearance in the big-screen when she was in the film, Ready Player One, as a pop-culture video game reference.

In the Late 2019, Blizzard announced a big move for the video game’s future, as well as marking the revelation of Overwatch 2. The cinematic titled Zero Hour featured Tracer alongside more iconic Overwatch characters.

Tracer is a vital present video-game icon considering her impact on pop-culture as well as to Overwatch. Despite having a weak body, she’s known for having a curvy bikini body that inevitably attracts any gamers who play her.

If you’re hungry for more Tracer content, then consider having a quick look in our gallery that features her big boobs and beautiful ass.

Sexy and Hot Tracer Pictures