50 Sexy and Hot Tracee Ellis Ross Pictures

Tracee Ellis Ross made her fans crazy when she recently posted an Instagram video, where she was having a fun time doing a topless photoshoot. The first part of the video was just some typical photoshoot, but the second part shooked everyone. Tracee Ellis Ross, in all elegance and beauty, has her back turned from the camera while topless. It’s incredibly hot, mind you.

You can acknowledge her in whatever manner you want: as a beauty guru, as a political person, as an actress, or even as a doctor. Yes, you heard that right, Tracee Ellis Ross is a doctor. This hot lady right here was regarded by Brown University as someone worthy of an honorary doctorate.

Whatever she wears, she carries elegantly and fashionably. Even if she goes topless, she still looks fine as hell! Who is Tracee Ellis Ross? What is it about her that drives her fans crazy? 

Tracee Joy Silberstein, aka Tracee Ellis Ross, is born on October 29, 1972, and hailed from Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of The Supreme’s lead singer Diana Ross and the famous music executive/businessman Robert Ellis Silberstein. Tracee Ellis Ross’ early career involves independent film and variety series. She is the brother of another actor, Evan Ross, who acted as Messalla in some parts of the Hunger Games Series. She may be known for a lot of showbiz involvements, but she’s famous for being the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rainbow Johnson.

Tracee Ellis Ross went to Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. After finishing her studies there, she went on to pursue a degree in theatre arts back in 1994. Her stunning physique has landed her opportunities in the fashion industry. She worked as a model and fashion editor to some famous magazine authorities like Mirabella and New York magazine. 

She entered the big screen back in 1996, when she played as Kiki, along with another famous star, Jennifer Connely, in a film called Far Harbor (1996). The next year, she started hosting a Lifetime TV magazine entitled The Dish, where she follows the latest pop culture trends. Race Against Fear: A Moment of Truth (1998) was one of her film involvements, including another film called Sue (1997). 

Tracee Ellis Ross rose to fame when she played the character Joan Carol Clayton, a neurotic but successful lawyer in the hit series Girlfriends (2000-2008). In 2007, she and her brother Evan Ross starred in an HBO series called Life Support (2007). After this, her career pushed forward. Eventually, she landed a role in the hit series Black-ish (2014-present), where she played as Dr. Rainbow Johnson, a doctor, an activist, and a sexual being.

Everything about her screams sexy. The tall but slim physical structure of hers puts her in advantage because she can wear any dress she wants with style and glamor. Her body is a bikini body. Just look at her ass and boobs! They are incredibly firm and healthy, and it even emphasizes her curves and edges. Tracee Ellis Ross is indeed a beautiful, unique being.

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