50 Sexy and Hot Torrie Wilson Pictures

Torrie Anne Wilson is famously known as a professional WWE wrestler, but she can also become a sexy model whenever she wants. She uses her real name whenever she appears in WWE matches, unlike other superstars who prefer to have screen names. Following her life and carreer stroy, don’t miss our stunning collection of Sexy and Hot Torrie Wilson Pictures.

In Boise, Idaho, Wilson grew up, and in one of her interviews, the American wrestler said that being shy became a problem, so growing up became hard for her. When Wilson was in school, she found physical activities to suit her more, including track and field, dancing, and even becoming a cheerleader.

In her high school and teenage years, Wilson transitioned into modeling, and as the American wrestler expressed it to her mother, she got urged to pursue a career for it. Wilson and her mother started small through auditioning for local gigs; however, they learned that she needs to lose weight to land modeling gigs.

After suffering from different eating disorders, Wilson decided to change her life, start living healthy, and embrace fitness. In 1998, she joined the Miss Galaxy competition and won first place. That same year, Wilson decided to shift into acting and moved in Los Angeles to do so.

The hot American wrestler started out acting for small roles, which she secured through a talent agent.

In 1999, Wilson decided to get involved in wrestling even more and chose to pursue a professional career. She had a contract with World Championship Wrestling that lasted for a year. Wilson then transferred to World Wrestling Federation in 2001 and started appearing in TV matches.

In her stay in WWF, Wilson had her first feud with Dawn Marie, which allowed her to gain more popularity and momentum for her career.  She also appeared as one of the members of Vince’s Devils until its disbandment in 2006.

Wilson starred many times in WWE Raw, Wrestlemania, and Smackdown while having different feuds as well as an on-screen relationship with a co-wrestler, Carlito.

The American wrestler retired from Raw in 2008 after requests to have time for herself due to injuries and needed therapies. Wilson, however, returned to Wrestlemania after almost a year of retirement to participate in the 25-Diva Royal event.

She would have more appearances in WWE Raw starting the year of 2018 up to 2019, where she also was given an award for being in the Hall of Fame of WWE. Wilson also posed for Playboy and FHM throughout her career.

Wearing a bikini for Wilson is easy since she was already doing it ever since the 2000s. As a female wrestling diva, she has a lot of male fans who admire her perfectly chiseled body, which she did through years of training and rigorous regimens.

As a celebration for Wilson’s success, we have compiled a lot of her pictures that feature her revealing boobs and ass for people to admire.

Sexy and Hot Torrie Wilson Pictures