50 Sexy and Hot Toni Storm Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Toni Storm, you can already tell that she is a gorgeous chic. Toni Storm is a professional wrestler that you do not want to mess with if living a long life is your goal. As you read more about her, you will see more of gorgeous Sexy and Hot Toni Storm Pictures.

Tonie Rossall ( Toni Storm) was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She was born on the 19th of October 1995, under the zodiac Libra. Storm and her mom went to Gold Coast after her parents broke up. 

Storm was 10 when she discovered her interest in wrestling as she watched the WWE.

Storm started her wrestling career at the age of 13 when she trained at the affiliate of the Impact Pro Wrestling in Australia. She debuted under the Storm pseudonym.

At the age of 18, Storm wanted to move to England and asked her mom’s permission. She lived with her grandma in Liverpool while she was in England. Storm trained under the professional wrestler Dean Allmark. 

Storm had her debut when she joined the Progress Wrestling in 2015, but Elizabeth won. However, she became the first winner of the Progress Women’s Champion in 2017, when Storm won over Laura Di Matteo and Jinny, which was hot. It was a three-way match against them. 

Storm was victorious in defending her Progress Women’s Championship title for a long time before Jinny took it away from her.

Today, Storm is in a contract with the World Wonder Ring Stardom, a Japanese wrestling promotion. She won the Stardom Champion when the referee deemed her the winner when her opponent Mayu Iwatani could not defend the title due to an injury. It was in 2018 when Kagetsu stripped the title from her. 

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that she has a toned body that can defeat her opponents. 

Starting on the 12th of January, Storm reigned as the NXT UK Women’s champion until she lost it to Kay Lee Ray after her 231 days of reign. 

Storm took part in the Survivor Series. She announced it in 2019 during the post-show of the NXT TakeOver: WarGames. During the Survivor Series event, wrestlers Sasha Banks and Natalya eliminated her.

Storm also became a part of the Royal Rumble. She was successful enough to make it to the 20th spot. However, Shayna Baszler defeated her.  

Because she busted her ass in the wrestling industry, Sports Illustrated placed her on the 7th of the Top 10 Women’s Wrestler of the Year in 2018. 

Storm has never been married nor has any children. As of the moment, Storm is single. 

Storm revealed a little information about her private life. What the public only knows is that she used to have a relationship with Tyler Bate in 2016. 

Because Storm is a professional wrestler who received several awards, you know that you should only feel contented seeing her gorgeous face in those photos without seeing her boobs

Sexy and Hot Toni Storm Pictures

Sexy and Hot Toni Storm Pictures
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