51 Sexy and Hot Tifa Lockhart Pictures

When you look at the sexy pictures of Tifa Lockhart, you will wish that she exists in real life. Tifa Lockhart is a fictional character created by Tetsuya Nomura for the Final Fantasy VII series. As you browse through her pictures, find out new info about her.

Lockhart has been a well-known character in the Final Fantasy VII and its series, which include the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

Lockhart is shy, kind-hearted, supportive, and motherly. Lockhart is famous for her clothing, usually a cropped-top sleeveless shirt, miniskirt, suspenders, and belt. She also has an earring. Her other clothing accessories include long gloves, boots, and a metal guard that makes her hot.

As for her biography, Lockhart is Cloud Strife’s childhood friend, the video game protagonist. They grew up together in Nibelheim because they were neighbors. 

When Lockhart was eight, her mother died. What she knew was that she could meet her mom again if she goes to Mt. Nibel. Lockhart went to Mt. Nibel, and Cloud went with her. However, the two fell from a bridge.

Lockhart’s father found her suffering from injuries. Lockhart’s father blamed Cloud for her daughter’s condition.

After five years, Cloud wanted to impress Lockhart by joining the Soldier. At that time, Cloud looked up to Sepiroth, the main antagonist of the Final Fantasy VII. Sepiroth used to be a member of the Soldier.

For this reason, Cloud left, but Lockhart asked him to vow to protect her from any troubles before leaving. However, Cloud has never been a part of the Soldier. Even though you do not see Lockhart wearing a bikini, you know that she is beautiful inside and out. 

When Lockhart was 15, she was working as a tour guide and led the expedition to investigate the mako reactor. It was the time when Lockhart unknowingly reunited with Cloud. She did not know that Cloud was one of the Shinra guards because Cloud felt ashamed of revealing himself to her. After all, he did not make it to the Soldier. 

Cloud stopped her from entering the reactor to protect her.

When Sepiroth became mad after learning who his mother was, Sepiroth set the Nibelheim on fire and killed Lockhart’s father, causing her hatred to Sepiroth and Shinra. Lockhart tried to kick Sepiroth’s ass, but she did not win against him.

When Lockhart and Cloud got back together, she persuaded him to join the Avalanche. It was an eco-terrorist group against the Shinra Electric Power Company. Lockhart felt angry with the company because it destroyed her hometown.

At the same time, Lockhart supports Cloud’s fight against Sepiroth by helping him.

Lockhart is a martial artist. She often used her skills in battles. Lockhart also uses knuckles as a weapon.

Even though Lockhart has the beauty and boobs that can make a man fall on his knees, she is still a woman who is a friend and a daughter who wants to avenge her loved ones.

Sexy and Hot Tifa Lockhart Pictures