45 Sexy and Hot Tessa Virtue Pictures

In the world of Olympic ice skating, Tessa Virtue is one of the most esteemed figure skaters. With three Olympic gold medals, she is one of the youngest ice dance champions at twenty years old. As a professional skater, Virtue has a sexy figure that perfectly suits her graceful performances

Tessa Virtue was born in 1989 in Ontario, Canada. At a young age, Virtue initially expressed her interest in modern dance and ballet but later tried skating. She even rejected an offer from the National Ballet School to focus on the sport. She also trained in track and gymnastics.  

In 1997, Virtue met fellow young skater Scott Moir. At eight years old, she began her ice dance career with Moir as her partner. The following year, they went on their first competition and landed on their debut win.

By 2000, things started to escalate for Virtue’s ice dance career. Together with Moir, they won at a junior’s national competition. Soon after, Virtue moved in Michigan to take further training under the instruction of a Russian figure skating coach and a former ice dancing competitor.

In 2006, Virtue and Moir became the first Canadians to bag the world championship title under the junior ice dance category. Two years later, they received their first world championship medal as international seniors.

Apart from her busy schedule as an ice dancer, Virtue enrolled at the University of Windsor and majored in psychology. She completed her degree at The University of Western Ontario.

Later on, the duo made it on their first Olympic competition. Virtue and Moir’s performance became a historic moment for Canada as they won the Olympic gold. A month later, Virtue and Moir received their first ice dance world title. They also bagged two other world titles, one in 2012 and 2017.

Soon, Virtue took a two-season break, while performing in ice shows and tours. They returned in 2016 and underwent full-time training.

In 2018, the duo brought pride to their country as they became the flag bearers in the Pyeongchang Olympics. The world knew it was the duo’s final Olympic performance as they lit up the skating arena to the tune of the swan song. Their performance earned their last Olympic gold medal.

By December 2018, Virtue and Moir made it in the Canada Walk of Fame.

In September 2019, Virtue and Moir revealed their retirement from ice skating through a social media post. They uploaded a heart-touching video with their career highlights.

Aside from her ice skating career, Virtue appeared in countless magazine photoshoots. She showed off her hot body by wearing bikinis that accentuate her plump ass and boobs.

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