60 Sexy and Hot Taraji P. Henson Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Taraji P. Henson, you would not realize that she is already a mother. Taraji Henson is a famous actress who became prominent because of her roles. As you browse through her photos, get to know more about her even more. 

Taraji Henson was from Washington, D.C., and was born on the 11th of September 1970. She is one of the three children of Bernice and Boris Lawrence. Her mother is a Woodland & Lothrop’s corporate manager, and her father is a metal fabricator and janitor. 

Henson is the eldest among three siblings. Her younger siblings’ names are April and Shawn. 

Taraji’s name means hope and love, which is not surprising because of her personality. Henson’s kindness proves that she is hot inside and out. The actress revealed that her Granny Patsy has a lot of influence on her. Her grandma was with her during her nomination to the Academy Awards.

Henson’s DNA analysis revealed that some of her roots came from the Cameroon people, and Matthew Henson was her great-great grandfather’s brother. 

The actress went to Oxon High School for her secondary education and graduated in 1988. She went to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University to take up electrical engineering. However, she transferred to Howard University to take up drama instead. 

While studying, Henson worked as a secretary and waited at the Spirit of Washington cruise ship, where she also sang and danced. 

Henson said that she is a Christian and deemed acting as a spiritual activity. 

Henson is undeniably gorgeous in all those bikini photos. Therefore, it is not surprising for Henson to appear in several TV shows and films and to become famous for her performances. Among her notable film appearances are, Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and a lot more. 

Henson has received several awards and nominations, including the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Actress, SAG Award, among several others. 

Henson gave birth to a son named Marcell in 1994. Marcell’s father, William LaMarr Johnson, died in 2003, because of murder. 

Her son tainted her name when the cops searched his car in a traffic stop in 2014. The video captured by the Los Angeles Times revealed that Marcell did not stop in a crosswalk while there was a crossing pedestrian. 

The cops caught Marcell’s ass when they found marijuana in his car. The police found out that Marcell smoked marijuana before the incident. 

Henson apologized to the public because of her son’s action. 

Henson found love again. Kelvin Hayden, a former NFL player, has been her fiance since 2018. 

Henson is an animal lover who supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). To show her support for the anti-fur campaign, she posed nude for PETA’s ad in 2011. She also promoted its 2013 campaign by posing with her dog Uncle Willie. 

Aside from her promotions for the animals, Henson also supports the LGBT community. She showed it in the NOH8 campaign in 2018. 

Although it is undeniable that Henson has gorgeous boobs, She is also a mother with a fantastic talent as an actress.

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