42 Sexy and Hot Tanya Roberts Pictures in her Bikini

Have you ever looked at someone and said: “Man, I’d kill for that view.” You’d probably say the same thing when you see Tanya Roberts, one of the most beautiful women in the earth. She rocked her hot American beauty back in her peak days. She is famous for being an iconic Bond Girl in the Bond movie A View to Kill (1985), and her appearance in the sitcom That 70s Show (1998-2006). Who is Tanya Roberts, and why does this dame looks so incredibly stunning and sexy?

Tanya Roberts, or known by the closest to her as Victoria Leigh Blum, came to the world on October 15, 1955, in the dangerous neighborhood of Bronx, New York. Her father raised them by selling pens. Eventually, her parents split, forcing her to be in her mother’s custody. They relocated to Canada in search of better opportunities.

Tanya Roberts has an innate potential to be a great actress. She realized that when she was in her early teens. As a charming young girl, Tanya Roberts decided to fill her portfolio to prepare her for her envisioned career. Young love eventually got in her because she married a boy at a young age of 15 and fled across the US. Tanya Roberts got tracked down by her mother and forced them to annul the marriage. Well, what can you say: mothers indeed knows what’s best!

Her early career got filled with lowkey ad films for several brands. After some time, she had some off-Broadway opportunities. Still, Tanya Roberts doesn’t see it satisfying enough: she decided to be a dance instructor a period, to make ends meet. She was grinding consistently, which was probably one of the reasons why a talent agency gazed their attention towards her. This agency got her the opportunity for a horror film called Forced Entry (1975). Then, the erotic film Fingers (1978) followed.

Tanya Roberts felt as if she was too anonymous to be an actress. Her movie castings were low budget types and didn’t provide her with the kind of fame a successful career would give. Eventually, in the 80s, things turned out to be different. In 1984, she starred as Sheena: Queen of the Jungle (1984), which, to her dismay, turned out to be a massive flop. Finally, the tides turned to her favor when she was cast as the Bond Girl in the film A View to Kill (1985).

Her appearances in erotic thriller films like Body Slam (1987), Inner Sanctum (1991), and Sins of Desire (1993) are some of the factors why she gained a cult of followers. Who can blame them? Tanya Roberts is a specimen of true beauty. Her bikini body is fantastic, and her ass and her boobs are extraordinary. And her face? Gorgeous!

Sexy and Hot Tanya Roberts Pictures