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If there’s one thing the incomparably sexy Susan Sarandon has managed to do all these years, it’s to remain relevant in Hollywood despite her age. Born in 1946, in New York, she stayed on top of her career for decades by continuously honing her craft and challenging herself with roles that excite her and her numerous fans.

As someone in the industry for so long, Susan must’ve now unlocked the secret to Hollywood longevity. There’s no denying that she’s fully embraced aging both happily and gracefully – something that’s reflected in her timeless beauty and endearing personality.

Throughout the years, Susan has proven her versatility as an actress. She has gone and conquered various genres, even gaining a band of devoted followers who revere her as Hollywood royalty. However, her fame isn’t just a result of her looks or acting abilities. What’s admirable about her is her fearlessness in doing provocative roles that require her to unleash her sensuality onscreen.

Throughout Susan’s long and healthy acting career, she’s had a fair share of portrayals highlighting her impressive acting range. Not to mention, she also holds a long list of hot skin-baring moments that are just liberating to watch. It isn’t hard to be captivated by Susan Sarandon’s ageless bikini body. Now in her 70s, she still has unbridled confidence that allows her to be comfortable in her skin.

In the movie “White Palace” (1988), she plays an older temptress who seduces a young widow named Max Baron. One of the steamy moments in the film is an X-rated scene where Susan proudly shows off her boobs during some wild lovemaking. 

Susan’s other provocative moments are in movies like “Bull Durham” (1990), “Atlantic City” (1980), “Pretty Baby” (1978), and “The Hunger” (1983). However, her most iconic role so far is Janet Weiss, the trampy heroine in the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975).

This beloved and timeless film shows Susan singing and dancing in her lingerie, and delivering camp in the best way possible. Presently, she’s still serving raunchy in her latest film “Jesus Rolls” (2020), where she gets caught up in a steamy threesome.

In past decades, Susan has played diverse roles, portrayed both protagonist and antagonist. She played the role of a sinner, saint, hooker, mother, and many others. All these experiences have stretched her into becoming unafraid to bare her soul (or ass) to the world. More importantly, she has become a woman brave enough to speak her mind on issues close to her heart.

Thanks to years of building herself and pushing past her limits, Susan Sarandon has become a timeless icon known for having the inner strength and courage to take on roles others are too afraid to explore.

Sexy and Hot Susan Sarandon Pictures

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