45 Sexy and Hot STPeach Pictures

With the popularity of social media platforms today, it’s not surprising that STPeach became as famous as she currently is. Armed with charm, beautiful face, and a hot body, the video game streamer garnered quite the popularity worldwide. The Sexy and Hot STPeach Pictures we have below are also highlighting her strong screen presence.

Born as Lisa Vannatta in Calgary in 1993, STPeach had long since loved playing video games. Through the influence of her two brothers, her affinity to the online gaming world began when she was young, something that would soon gain her immense fame and success. 

STPeach began playing Maplestory and got hooked on it during her middle school years. Aside from her love of video games, she was also good at it. A lot of people suggested that she began streaming. However, it took her lots of years to try it out.

STPeach already had an account in Twitch for over a year before she decided to start streaming her games in 2015, and the rest is history.

Despite her massive success right now, the start of STPeach’s job wasn’t easy. She initially had to juggle streaming video games with her part-time work as a dental assistant. However, she decided to forgo her dental assistant job put 100% of her time in boosting her gaming career when it proved that juggling the two was impossible.

Right now, STPeach is becoming one of the rapidly rising gaming stars on YouTube and Twitch. In just three years of streaming in both platforms, STPeach already got millions of subscribers. That doesn’t include her millions of followers on other social media sites like Reddit and Instagram.

The Twitch star is famous for her extensive library of gaming broadcasts in the platform, such as League of Legends and CS: GO.

Aside from streaming video games, STPeach also posts various contents on her channels. Some of the videos she posts are workout routines, which highlight her impressive figure with sexy ass and boobs. STPeach also shares content about her life and her other passion, cosplaying, and traveling, where you can see some of her incredible bikini photos. 

However, fame wasn’t always good for STPeach. She experienced various harassment and even death threats because of her online popularity. 

In 2017, STPeach was a victim of a swatting attack while she was streaming. She then recounted the story and how terrified she was on a live stream. Fortunately, the man behind the attack got arrested later on.

STPeach also confronted a Twitch user online for harassment and sending her death threats. She uploaded the screenshots of the messages she received to Imgur.

At 26 years old, STPeach is already married to her long-time American-Korean nurse boyfriend, Jay. The two have been in a relationship since 2016 and share a love for playing video games. In May last year, STPeach and Jay got married, sharing the good news to their fans on a two-second video they posted on Twitter.

Sexy and Hot STPeach Pictures