53 Sexy and Hot Simone Missick Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Simone Missick, it is no doubt that she is a gorgeous woman. If you are a fan of the Marvel characters, you know who Simone Missick is. Missick has always been a part of casts of sci-fi, thriller, or comics-inspired movies. As you browse through her pictures, find out more information about her. 

Simone Cook (Simone Missick) was from Detroit, Michigan, born on the 19th of January 1982. In 1999, Missick finished her secondary education at the Renaissance High School. During her senior year, she became her school’s basketball team varsity captain. 

In 2003, Missick graduated at Howard University. She went to England to take up her masters by going to the British American Drama Academy. 

What makes Missick hot is her love for her family. Missick has a compassionate heart that helps kittens, and she also loves hiking. 

Although Missick has a gorgeous body, she does not need to be in a bikini to prove her worth as an actress. 

Her film debut was when Missick became part of The Epicureans, where she played the role of Jamie. Missick became famous when she became part of the movie A Taste of Romance, where she played the character of Elise in 2012. 

She also appeared as Porschla in the Ray Donovan series in 2014. 

In 2016, Missick’s breakthrough role came in when she played the role of Misty Knight in the series Luke Cage. This role makes her a woman that can kick an ass because of her skills as a fighter. Missick also appeared on the same character in The Defenders series, which refers to the group of heroes Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. Missick reprised her role as Misty in Iron Fist’s second season. 

In 2019, there were announcements that Missick would play two primary characters. One is from the series All Rise as Lola Carmichael, a court judge. The other is the Altered Carbon series, where she will play the role of Trepp. 

As of the moment, Missick has never won any awards but received nominations twice for the Black Reel Award. 

Her other movies are The Road to Sundance, K-Town, Brotherlee, Look Again, Voicemail, Douglas U, Black Card, and Jinn.

Missick played roles in other TV series such as Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures, Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s, Scandal, Wayward Pines, and Tell Me a Story. 

In 2012, Dorian Missick, an actor, became her husband. He co-starred with her during the Luke Cage’s second season, where he played the role of Dontrell Hamilton, an ex-convict, and supervillain. 

Missick is a talented actress, who nailed her kick-ass role as Misty Knight in three Marvel series. It only proves that Missick has the face, boobs, butt, beauty, and talent as an actress.

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