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Sienna Rose Diana Miller is an American-British actress who was born on the 28th of December 1981 in New York City. We all know that Miller is one of the most admired women in the showbiz industry today. She became known when she began appearing in 2004 popular British films such as Layer Cake, where she played a supporting role, and Alfie, an American-British romantic comedy-drama.

Miller also appeared in Factory Girl, an American biological film where she played the lead role of Edie Sedgwick.

In this blog post, we will discuss Miller’s professional life, including her achievements throughout her career. We also made a hot and sexy image collection of Siena Miller’s photos. Some of them highlight her ass, boobs, and bikini outfits. If you’ve been trying to get to know the actress more, this article is perfect for you. So, take your time and review Sienna Miller’s life story.

The gorgeous Sienna Rose Dianna Miller and her family moved to London when she was about one year old. She spent most of her life there with her father, Edwin Miller, and her mother, Josephine. Her father is a former American banker but decided to become a Chine art dealer while her mother was a South African model. Sienna Miller has two half-brothers. Their names are Stephen and Charles. She also has a sister who is a professional fashion designer. Her name is Savannah Elizabeth Louise Miller.

During Sienna’s early life, she attended a boarding school in Ascot, Berkshire, which is called Heathfield School. After a few years, she went to New York City and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

Last 2001, she worked with Elle Macpherson and Rupert Everett in an American action, comedy-drama series called Keen Eddie. Last 2005, she took part in an American romantic film called Casanova, where she played as the female opposite of Heath Ledger. Aside from these successful films, Miller also joined Factory Girl as Andy Warhol’s muse and is a socialite. Miller also had a brief appearance on a romantic fantasy film, Stardust.

When it comes to her modeling career, she managed to become a model for big companies such as Vogue and Coca-Cola. To make her dreams come true, Miller decided to sign a contract with Select Model Management in London. She mainly focuses on the bohemian style of fashion, which is strikingly similar to Kate Moss, a professional English Model. 

Last March 2006, the gorgeous actress signed a new two-year contract with Pepe Jeans London, a multimillionaire jeans brand that is based in the Portobello area of London. Last February 2009, Miller became a part of a famous fashion house called Hugo Boss, where she became the new ambassador of BOSS Orange women’s perfume.

So, now that we completed our brief discussion of Sienna Miller’s achievements in life. It is now the perfect time to appreciate her timeless beauty. Check this out!

Sexy and Hot Sienna Miller Pictures