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In the year 2014, sexy Japanese-Australian actress Shiori Kutsuna made quite a fantastic debut when she received an award for the Newcomer of the Year category in Japan Academy Film Prize. Don’t miss the curated set of Sexy and Hot Shiori Kutsuna Pictures we have at the end of this article. They are simply jaw dropping!

Although having a Japanese descent, Kutsuna was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. The actress went back to her roots when she approached her teenage years to seek a career for acting.

Kutsuna debuted in the TV series, Gumi Kinpachi Sensei 8 as Akiko Kanai in 2007. Afterward, she got recognized and was offered a regular role the next year in Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu. Her part of Risa Fujisawa lasted for ten episodes.

She made an appearance in the movie Guardian Angel as Ryoko, which premiered in theaters in 2009. Kutsuna appeared in two film projects in 2010, Chonmage Purin and BECK, where she portrayed the role of     Minami Maho.

Kutsuna also appeared in two Shinichi Kudo films back to back in 2011 and 2012 while still having an appearance or character in several movies. She continued accepting projects including Petal Dance, Before the  Vigil, and Unforgiven, which all premiered in 2013.

The next year, Kutsuna appeared in the movie Oh! Father, where she played the minor role of Taeko. In 2015, she took the part of Haru in the project 125 Years Memory. In her next venture in 2016, she lends her voice to Lunafreya Nox Fleuret for Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’s Japanese version of the film.

Kutsuna scored more projects in 2017, playing the role of Rika in Kiseki, having a role in Cat Collector’s House, and Oh Lucy!, where she performed as Mika Ogawa.

The hot Japanese-Australian actress started to gain international success when she had roles in Outsider and Deadpool 2, which both premiered in 2018. She played the role of Yukio in the second installment of the Deadpool film series.

Kutsuna appeared in more TV shows and set back then, including notable ones such as The Witch Trial, Shōkōjo Seira, Gō, Kaseifu no Mita, The Family Game, Ukai ni Koishita Natsu, and Kamogawa Shokudo, which all spanned from the early 2000s to 2016.

Her two recent projects are 1942-nen, no Play Ball, and Murder Mystery. The former is a television film where Kutsuna played as Kimiko. The latter is a film project that premiered in 2019.

Kutsuna also tried out starring in a video-game voice acting project back in 2010 when she got an offer to lend her voice to the character Melia for Xenoblade Chronicles’ Japanese version.

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Sexy and Hot Shiori Kutsuna Pictures