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Shawnee Smith is an actress and singer in America who became famous due to her acting role in the CBS sitcom Becker (1998-2004). The show is about a doctor and everything that annoys him. Aside from that, she also starred in the hit FX sitcom Anger Management (2012-2014), where she acted as Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife. Who is Shawnee Smith? How can anyone explain the hotness she possesses?

Shawnee Smith, or locally known as Shawnee Rebecca Smith, is a South Carolina baby born on July 3, 1969. She got brought to this world by her lovely parents: Patricia Ann, a nurse, and James Smith, an ex-USAF pilot. Her parents eventually split up, forcing her to grow under the custody of her mother. She graduated high school at the North Hollywood High School back in 1987.

She birthed two lovely children: one to her ex-husband Jason Reposar and one to her other ex-husband Kai Mattoon. Her children are part of the album credits in her two songs because they were a part of the production of some songs. Pretty cool kids!

She and her first husband, the photographer John Reposar fled while they were in Scotland, back in 1998. Their breakup led her to produce a song entitled Sugar, performed by the duo Smith & Pyle. Compared to Pyle’s breakup song, I Wish You Were Dead, Shawnee Smith’s song was pretty tame.

Shawnee Smith had photoshoots with Maxim magazine back in 2001. She regrets it, claiming that 80% of her internet presence was because of those two photoshoots.

Her acting career started at a very young age when she starred in A Christmas Carol. Her film debut began when she got to cast in the adaptation of Annie (1982). A few years later, she performed in two dramas, Not My Kid (1985) and Crime of Innocence (1985). Two years after those movies, she played the role of Rhonda Altobello, a pregnant teenager in the film Summer School (1987).

She got featured in a lot of films, but the most iconic one was Saw (2004), where she a famous screamer. Who can blame her? Being subject to imminent death must be horrible!

She focused a lot of her time in her music career. She is a part of a country-rock duo called Smith & Pyle, together with Missi Pyle, a fellow actress from the ABC TV movie Travelling in Packs (2007).

There is no word to describe how sexy and hot Shawnee Smith is. Just look at her, and you’ll see a bikini body’s silhouette under any dress she wears. Her ass and her boobs are perky enough to emphasize the curves of her body. She is truly unique.

Sexy and Hot Shawnee Smith Pictures