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Sela Ward is an award-winning actress and producer. She rose to fame in the drama series Sisters as Teddy Reed. In her younger years, Ward has charmed many fans for her sexy personality.

Sela Ward was born in 1956 in Mississippi, U.S. She grew up with her parents, Granberry and Annie, with her four siblings.

Ward studied at the University of Alabama, where she became a cheerleader and a sorority girl. She majored in advertising and fine arts and graduated in 1977.

After college, Ward worked as a storyboard artist in New York. She also tried modeling to add to her income. Soon after, a talent agency recruited Ward and featured her in TV commercials, such as Maybelline cosmetics.

Besides modeling, Ward began to explore her acting career in California. In 1983, she landed on her debut film, The Man Who Loved Women asJanet Wainwright. The film led to her first small-screen appearance in the drama series Emerald Point N.A.S.

Throughout the 1980s, Ward appeared as a guest star in several film and TV roles, including the comedy-drama film Nothing in Common alongside Tom Hanks.

In 1991, Ward got her breakthrough role in the drama series Sisters. She played as Teddy Reed, a bohemian alcoholic. Her performance earned her first acting award for Outstanding Lead Actress at the Emmys.

Two years later, Ward starred in the action-thriller film The Fugitive as Helen Kimball alongside Harrison Ford. The film became one of the top movies of 1993.

In 1995, Ward played as Jessica Savitch in Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story. Almost Golden is Lifetime Channel’s most-watched TV movie. Ward received the Best Actress Award in CableACE for her performance.

Ward did not make it as a Bond girl actress. A casting director commented that they wanted a much younger Sela Ward. The actress responded through a documentary entitled The Changing Face of Beauty. In the show, Ward discussed the obsession of American media with youth and its effect on women.

In 1999, Ward landed on her big break in the TV series Once Again. She played the role of Lily Manning, an average single mom who fell in love with a divorced man. Her performance bagged dozens of awards and nominations under the Best Actress category from Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy, and Online Film & Television Association.  

When it comes to her personal life, Ward tied the knot with Howard Sherman. The couple has two lovely children: Anabella and Austin.

During the 80s, many fans recognize Ward for her enthralling beauty and hot figure, including her busty ass and boobs. She was very flexible when it comes to photoshoots. From near-nude poses to bikini outfits, Ward tried them all.    

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Sexy and Hot Sela Ward Pictures