40 Sexy and Hot Scarlett Bordeaux Pictures

Raw, hot, and deadly fits her best, especially if you see the Sexy and Hot Scarlett Bordeaux Pictures we have below. Her fighting on the ring as “The Smokeshow” didn’t get her popular her wrestling gimmicks that stand apart from others in the scene.

Born as Elizabeth Chihaia in 1991, Scarlett Bordeaux first lived in Romania before moving to the US when she was four years old. While at Columbia College, she majored in musical theater. The famed wrestler also trained as a mezzo-soprano at a conservatory. However, she went on to performing in another part of show business. 

Her debut in the ring came in April 2012 when she joined the CSW Southside Showdown competition in Countryside, Illinois. Scarlett Bordeaux competed for the Chicago Style Wrestling category. She won over The Angel during the singles match after performing a small package on the other wrestler.

Since then, Scarlett Bordeaux started to grow into a sexy ass and boobs that every wrestling fan is watching on the ring. Both her names mean Red, which refers to the red color of her hair. 

In her early years in the wrestling world, Scarlett Bordeaux competed in many matches. She joined the Ohio Valley Wrestling. She also competed in indie circuits such as Combat Zone Wrestling, Chikara, and AAW Wrestling. 

However, Scarlett Bordeaux only found a much better place in the wrestling community when after joining the Ring of Honor. She debuted on the show during its 11th Anniversary Special as a heel to the new member, Matt Taven. 

Since then, Scarlett Bordeaux, along with Seleziya Sparx, became the “Hoopla Hotties,” who are always accompanying Taven on all his matches. She also aided Taven to win the game for the World Television Championship in 2013 against Mark Briscoe. 

During her years in the Ring of Honor, Scarlett Bordeaux also got a stint as a ring announcer. She made her ring debut in ROH in a Four Corners match against MsChif, Cherry Bomb, and Athena. 

Although the stunning wrestler appeared in many competitions in ROH and gained fame as a “Hoopla Hottie,” it was only when Scarlett Bordeaux joined Impact Wrestling in 2014 that the wrestler got considerable success.

It was the birth of “The Smokeshow” in wrestling, the name she dubbed herself during her ring debut in Impact against Glenn Gillbertti. She also teamed up with Fallah Bahh in an episode of Impact to defeat the Desi Hit Squad. However, months later, Scarlett Bordeaux requested her release from her contract with Impact Wrestling promotion.

Throughout her years in the wrestling industry, Scarlett Bordeaux also appeared in WWE on various occasions. She performed as an Extra, playing as Rosebud, one of the colorfully costumed party-goers for Adam Rose. Late in the year, Bordeaux signed a contract with WWE Performance Center. 

More recently, Scarlett Bordeaux competed in the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, where she continued to become one of the hottest wrestlers.

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Sexy and Hot Scarlett Bordeaux Pictures