51 Sexy and Hot Sasha Grey Pictures

Marina Ann Hantzis or famously known as the hot Sasha Grey is an award-winning performer and adult actress. Aside from being famous in the adult acting industry, Grey is also known as a multi-talented personality that is capable of writing novels and directing films as well.

Grey grew up in North Highlands, California. After her parents divorced, she started living with her mother. She was unsatisfied with all of the four high schools she enrolled in but still was able to graduate. Grey enrolled in Sacramento City College to take different lessons in the field of performing
arts. While doing so, Grey is already eyeing to move outside of North Highlands to start a new life. Her dream finally came true in 2006 when she decided to move to Los Angeles and began a career as an adult film actress.

With her performances and continuously growing fan base, a lot of people started linking her to Jenna Jameson, an adult film actress that dominated the industry long ago. With her sexy physique and daring personality as an adult film actress, she started drawing the attention of several publications, including Genesis, Maxim, and Men’s Health. Grey also had several appearances in different magazines, including Penthouse, Rolling Stone,
and Playboy.

Grey’s acting career debuted in 2007 when she appeared in Homo Erectus as a caveman. That same year, she played as herself in the movie Broken. In 2009, Gray scored a lead role in The Girlfriend Experience. Grey also lends her voice to Viola DeWynter that appeared in two Saint Row installments,
Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. She also appeared in several music videos of artists including The Smashing Pumpkins, The Roots, Eminem, and David J.

The American adult film actress also has an affinity with music, mostly focusing on the industrial genre. In 2008, she created aTelecine in collaboration with two other musicians. The next year after being formed, the band released aVigillant Carpark, their debut EP. …And Six Dark Hours Pass, aTelecine’s first album dropped in 2010. After three years, however,
Grey decided to leave the band to focus on other endeavors.

Grey also started to become a DJ in the year of 2010. She performed in several events while doing her mixes and uploading it to the music streaming platform, SoundCloud. In 2013, Grey released her first novel under Grand Central Publishing, The Juliette Society. She followed up with the second book two years later that is now published by Cleis Press, which
also took care of the third book’s publication in 2018.

As an adult film actress, Grey needs to maintain an appealing figure. Her pair of boobs and ass, in particular, require additional attention. Take a look at our Grey’s bikini photo collection if you’re curious about how her body looks.

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