45 Sexy and Hot Sarah Bolger Pictures

At the age of 29, Irish actress Sarah Bolger still has the face of a 16-year-old; that was why she got a cast as Sleeping Beauty in the T.V. series, Once Upon a Time. But unlike her young-looking face, Sarah rocks a bikini body of a grown woman. The hot actress stunned the world when she posed for Esquire wearing lingerie. But don’t be too ambitious, you won’t see her ass or her boobs. To see more photos of Sarah Bolger, click our compilation of images.

Derek and Monica Bolger welcomed their infant, Sarah Bolger, on February 28, 1991, in their humble home in Dublin. Although Sarah’s childhood story was unclear, she did debut at eight years old on the movie, A Love Divided, in 1999. After her movie debut, she appeared as Helena Fritzgerald in the T.V. series, A Secret Affair.

In 2003, Sarah appeared in the film, In America, in 2003. She and her sister, Emma Bolger, starred in the movie as the Sullivan sisters. The film had amazingly positive reviews from critics marking its box office hit record of more than $25 million.

Aside from the astounding performance of the cast, the movie also got a nomination for Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards. The film’s casts also got a nomination for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Following her successful movie, Sarah appeared in another T.V. show called The Clinic. She portrayed the character, Janey Quinn and appeared in two episodes. Then, in 2005, Sarah had two other movie appearances.

Sarah’s acting career had another breakthrough when she landed another lead role for the fantasy-adventure film, The Spiderwick Chronicles. The novel turned film garnered a generally positive review from the critics, and Sarah even got nominated in the Irish Film and Television Awards for her supporting role in the movie.

Spiderwick Chronicles premiered in 2008 and grossed at $165 million in sales worldwide.

After her fantasy-adventure movie, Sarah ventured into the historical-fiction T.V. series called The Tudors. She became a recurring role in the series from seasons 2 and 3. Then, she earned her leading role in the next season, appearing in a total of 23 episodes. The T.V. show premiered in 2008 and ended in 2010 with a total of 38 episodes.

Sarah’s most talked-about T.V. series appearance is her role in Once Upon a Time. She portrayed the character, Princess Aurora, and showed her most beautiful side. Her sexy physique even got accentuated with her Victorian costumes.

In her recent project, Sarah played the lead role of Emily Thomas from the T.V. series, Mayans M.C. The show first aired in 2018 and currently aired on F.X.

Sexy and Hot Sarah Bolger Pictures