45 Sexy and Hot Sami Gayle Pictures

It is undeniable that Sami Gayle has a charming beauty that may haunt you at night. If you liked the Blue Bloods series, you probably know her already as Nicki Reagan-Boyle. As you browse her pictures, get to know more about her. 

Samantha Gail Klitzman (Sami Gayle) was from Weston, Florida, born on the 22nd of January 1996. She also grew up in this place. 

Her father, Larry, works as a lawyer, and her mother, Robin, used to be an entrepreneur, but now serving as her manager. Gayle’s childhood schooling was according to the Advanced Placement curriculum and had studied at home. 

Gayle has Jewish descent but holds American citizenship. 

Aside from Gayle‚Äôs hot looks, Gayle is also smart. She is fluent in French and English. Gayle is a debater that ranked the Public Forum. 

At present, Gayle attends Columbia University while being active in her acting career. 

You do not have to see Gayle in a bikini photo to know if she has what it takes to be an actress. She became a part of the Gypsy off-Broadway production, which was her acting debut. Gayle starred with the veteran actress Patti Ann LuPone. 

After a few months, Gayle reprised her role in Gypsy’s Broadway production. Aside from Gypsy, she also played a role in Oohrah! And Family Week. 

Because Gayle busted her ass even though she was starting in her career, she became part of the Broadway production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical in 2007. 

Her breakthrough came when she became part of the movie Detachment when she took the role of a prostitute. 

Gayle also played roles for other movies and TV series, which include Blue Bloods, Royal pains, As the World Turns, Stolen, The Congress, Vampire Academy, Candy Jar, among several others.

Gayle is a new face in the Hollywood industry, but she already received some nominations, including the Young Artist Award in the Best Performance in a TV Series category. Gayle also received a nomination for Best Performance in a TV Series for Blue Bloods.  

Due to her acting, she has an estimated net worth of 200,000 to 500,000 dollars. 

Gayle has been keeping a low profile. Right now, there are no rumors about her being in a relationship. What people know about her at the moment is that she is juggling her schooling and acting career. 

Because Gayle is keeping a low profile, no rumors or scandals are circulating her. 

Gayle has almost 3,000 followers on Facebook but keeps her followers’ information private on Instagram. Nobody knows if Gayle has a Twitter account, but it seems like she does not have one. 

Gayle seems to be a simple girl with a youthful face and fantastic talent. You do not have to see her boobs to prove that she has what it takes to be a star.

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