60 Sexy and Hot Roselyn Sanchez Pictures

Looking at the sexy photos of Roselyn Sanchez, you cannot deny that she is a charming Latina beauty. Roselyn Sanchez is a dancer, singer, model, songwriter, actress, writer, and producer. As you browse her pictures, get to know her even more. 

Roselyn Milagros Sanchez Rodriguez was from San Juan, Puerto Rico, born on the 2nd of April 1973. Her parents are Efrain and Olga Sanchez, and she has three older brothers. 

At a young age, Sanchez already showed her interest in acting and dancing. Her family would always put her on shows. 

Sanchez took her primary education in her hometown. In college, she went to the University of Puerto Rico to take up marketing like her brothers and father. However, she left after three years of studying. 

At the age of 18, Sanchez went to New York to study singing, acting, and dancing. She went back to Puerto Rico in 1992, where she secured a minor role from her movie debut Captain Ron.  

Sanchez became hot in Puerto Rico as a dancer and a host. She became a co-host in the Que Vacilon variety show. 

Looking at her in her bikini, you know that Sanchez has a beauty queen potential, and Sanchez also became famous for it. She won Miss Puerto Rico in 1993 and Miss American Petite in 1994, which rose her to fame. 

In 1999, she became part of the movie Held Up, playing the role of Trina. 

Sanchez became the love interest of Jackie Chan in the film Rush Hour 2. Aside from Rush Hour, she also appeared in several films, which include Boat Trip and Nightstalker, Yellow, Game Plan, Property 2, Act of Valor, and more. 

Sanchez also became prominent for her TV show appearances. These TV shows include Nash Bridges, Without a Trace, Royal Pains, Familia en Venta, among many others. 

Because Sanchez burst her ass to perform all her roles, she received an ALMA Award for Favorite TV Actress. Also, because of her shows, her estimated net worth is around 14 million dollars. 

Based on rumors, in 2004, Sanchez had an affair with Carlos Ponce. She also had a relationship with Victor Manuelle. 

In 1998, she married Gary Stretch, an English actor, but they divorced after almost three years of marriage. 

At present, Sanchez is married to Eric Winter. They have been together for nearly more than a decade since their marriage in 2008. Their relationship flourished, and she gave birth to two children, a daughter named Sebella and a son named Dylan.

Sanchez is an animal lover and supports animal rights by being a member of PETA. She even posed nude to show her support for the organization’s anti-fur campaign. Aside from PETA, Sanchez also supports the Fundacion de Ninos San Jorge that helps sick children who live in poverty. 

Sanchez is more than just a pretty face and perfect boobs and butt because her Hollywood success proves that she has the talent and skills to become an actress.

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