50 Sexy and Hot Robin Wright Pictures

It is undeniable the Robin Wright is sexy if you look at her pictures. Robin Wright is an actress who won several awards for her performances. As you browse through her photos, know about her even more.

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright is the daughter of a cosmetics salesperson and a company employee. Her mother’s name is Gayle Gaston, and her father’s name is Freddie Wright. She was born on the 8th of April, 1966, in Dallas, Texas. 

Wright has English, Scottish, French, and Irish descent. 

Wright grew up in San Diego, California. Wright went to La Jolla High School and Taft High School for her secondary education. 

Looking at Wright’s pictures, you cannot deny that she is hot. It is not surprising that Wright got the looks of a model, which were her career started at the age of 14.  

In 1983, Wright played the character of Barbara Anderson in The Yellow Rose series and appeared in two episodes.

Even though Wright is admittedly gorgeous in her bikini, Wright is also a talented actress. When Wright was 18, her breakthrough came in when Wright became part of the NBC series Santa Barbara, taking the role of Kelly Capwell. This role brought her many nominations for Daytime Emmy Award. 

Her film debut was her role as Lori Staton in the Hollywood Vice Squad. Many people recognized her when she played the role of Jenny Curran in the movie Forrest Gump where Wright received several nominations for various awards. 

Her other TV series are Empire Falls, Enlightened, and House of Cards. Her other films are The Princess Bride, Denial, State of Grace, The Playboys, Toys, The Crossing Guard, Moll Flanders, Loved, Hurlyburly, Message in a Bottle, and a lot more. 

Because Wright busted her ass for all her roles, she received several awards and nominations, which include Gold Derby Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series and Golden Globe Awards.

Wright has been married a few times. Her first husband was Dane Witherspoon. They met when they auditioned for the Santa Barbara. The two married in 1986 but divorced eventually after two years of marriage. 

She lived in with Sean Penn, who had just divorced from Madonna. They had two children whose names are Dylan Frances and Hopper Jack. Yet, the couple separated in 1995, and Penn formed a relationship with Jewel. 

Penn and Wright reconciled and tied a knot 1996. They had been married for several years, but during these years, their relationship was unstable. There were several times when they filed for separation and divorce but withdrew them.  

It was in 2010 when the two finally divorced and agreed on their child’s support and custody.

In 2012, Wright fell in love again. This time, it was with the actor Ben Foster. They became engaged but finally ended it in 2015. In 2017, Wright dated Clement Giraudet, and they married in 2018 in France.

Despite being a successful woman, Wright’s love life had been unstable. However, it is undeniable that Wright is a talented actress, which proves that she is not just a woman with a beautiful face, boobs, and butt.

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