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Born as Renee Jane Paquette, this sports broadcaster started her career in the industry as a child model. When she was younger, Renee Young wanted to work as a comedian or actress. She trained in improvisational comedy during college.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career; however, she was not able to get any roles after multiple auditions. As such, Renee Young returned to her native Toronto and decided to try hosting instead.

Her father, a concert promoter, would get her into wrestling events. So it is almost no surprise that Renee Young comes back to the scene when she grew up. This sexy woman started working for The Score Television Network. She was a presenter on the Right After Wrestling.

Eventually, the fierce celebrity signed a contract with WWE and made her debut in 2013. She started doing interviews with the professional wrestlers then, later, on began hosting the World Tour segments. Renee Young became a presenter for the JBL and Cole Show. Together with Michael Cole and Bradshaw Layfield, the web show won a Slammy Award in the same year.

In 2018, Renee Young became the first female to run a full commentary on WWE Raw. She initially filled in for one episode only, until producers promoted her to a full-time commentator. The hot TV presenter stayed in this post until she moved to her current role in Smackdown.

This Canadian celebrity is a social media star. Her Instagram account has nearly 3 million followers, while 1 million folks subscribed to her Twitter account. Aside from the occasional bikini photos, you will see numerous pictures of her two adorable dogs, Benny and Blue. It is quite unfortunate that the duo does not have merchandise yet because their faces are a whole mood.

She married American wrestler Jonathan Good, who goes by the moniker Jon Moxley in the ring. Her husband took the name Dean Ambrose in 2011 and went back to his original nickname when he left WWE in 2019.

They have been dating since 2013 and had an impromptu wedding at Las Vegas in 2017. Though they work for competing promotions, the two share a loving and domestic relationship off-camera. The couple has no children yet, but Renee Young is open to getting pregnant in the future.

We hope she continues with great success for her current job as a WWE backstage host. Apart from that, we also look forward to seeing her on the big screen as she joins the cast of the comedy film, The Main Event.

Sexy and Hot Renee Young Pictures

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