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Remy Ma was born in a black neighborhood on 30 May 1981, located in Bronx, New York. Throughout her formative years, she had to face many problems from the issue of substance abuse in her household and got swamped with the task of taking care of her siblings at a young age. She was an admirer of poems and began to write literature as a teenage girl as some form of escape from her real and keep her mental health stable in a dysfunctional community.

The rapper was known to a brilliant student and began to compete in rap battles at her school. She invested much of her hours alongside her school friends in rap battles, and working on her writing, which she put into her rap songs, immediately made her famous. Shortly after that, she finished high school from her neighborhood, went on to fight with established performers, and became a successful freestyle rapper in her area.

The news spread like wildfire, and Ma began producing soundtracks, playing now and then in a few restaurants and bars. MC Big Pun discovered her and provided her a place in his group called the ‘Terror Squad. The group would be where Remy developed techniques required to become the next famous rapper.

Remy Ma had undergone several freestyle sessions with then hip-hop icon, Pun before she got considered as one of the freshest rappers Pun would have ever met. Ma’s debut appearances had been in the tracks “You Was Wrong” and ‘Ms. Martin’ in her mentor’s album.

 The curvy rapper then used the name Remy Martin on the record. Her mentor would pass away shortly after, which would lead to another rapper named Fat Joe taking on the task of shaping Ma up for a hip hop career, and as a result, Remy signed a deal with the labels Universal and SRC. It was her initial ‘Lean Back’ songs that ended up getting her a nomination for the prestigious Grammy Award, and a couple of other tunes from her solo album that topped several lists.

The hip-hop star is currently working on her second album, “Seven Winters, Six Summers,” consecutively as well as her very first collaborative album as part of the group 3Sum, and she closely works alongside fellow artist like Shawnna and Jacki-O.

Remy turned herself into the New York City Police Department in 2007 with a connection to a shootout out front of a Delicatessen located in Manhattan. Cops say that a verbal argument took place at 4 a.m., while the hot rapper was with a bunch of people outside of the Manhattan night center.

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Sexy and Hot Remy Ma Pictures

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