50 Sexy and Hot Rachel Hunter Pictures

Rachel Hunter began modeling at a young age where she worked for Harper’s Bazaar, Australian Vogue, and Australian Cosmopolitan. Her projects for the magazines mostly centered in New Zealand and Australia. Her career went as far as becoming the face of New Zealand’s Tip Top Ice-Cream and known as Trumpet Girl.

Her modeling career sky-rocketed when Hunter signed with Ford Models. Also, the model quickly landed a contract with CoverGirl cosmetics and became the company’s spokesperson. In 1989, she posed as a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, which gained her popularity in the modeling world. She had booked modeling gigs, one after another. Hunter’s undeniably sexy figure was a recurring image in magazines. Her range ran from Vogue covers and Sports magazine to men’s lifestyle magazine, Playboy.

 It was not long until she took a confident streak on her career and posed nude in a pictorial for Playboy in April 2004. The pictorial took pages of the magazine, from a feature photo for an article about the model to a full spread of Hunter displaying her perky boobs and fit body. Not only was she the featured full spread model but the cover for the issue, too. Undeniably, this is because of the hit music video where she had appeared.

Hunter is Stacy’s mom. The model played as a sultry mom in Fountain of Wayne’s music video for Stacy’s Mom. The music video is a cult classic, like the song itself. Every teenage boy in the early 2000s had a crush on Stacy’s hot mom right after the music video dropped.

Trying her talent in acting, Hunter appeared in various television shows and independent films, namely: Two Shades of Blue, A Walk in the Park, La Cucina. She guested on American sitcoms like The Drew Carey Show. Her acting career was not only for small screens. She also made into big-screen and played significant roles in films like The Perfect Assistant, Confessions of a Go-Go Girl, and Piranhaconda.

In 2015, Hunter started her Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, a television series. Initially, the series was produced under TV One but later sold to American-owned Ovation Channel.  Her show revolved around the model herself, traveling in search of what beauty is in different countries. Her series aired for 2 years, but it had gained public attention, and talk shows often had her as a guest to talk about the message and goal of her television series.

The model-actress has her website filled with stunning photos of herself and her travels. Hunter seems to be spreading positivity wellbeing and beauty. Her website also doubles as her online shop, selling books and jewelry. The photos she shares on her site is an excellent break from her usual bikini-clad figure in magazines.

Sexy and Hot Rachel Hunter Pictures