50 Sexy and Hot Rachael Ostovich Pictures in her Bikini

It has only been ten years, but Rachael Ostovich has already made a name for herself in the competitive fighting circuit. This sexy mixed martial artist started her career in 2010 when she was only 19 years old.

She had an undefeated amateur record of six straight wins before joining professional MMA promotion, Invicta Fighting Championships. The hot celebrity participated in that tournament for several years before moving to The Ultimate Fighter 26 in 2017. This move propelled her to take part in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where she is in the Flyweight division.

There are different weight classes for this category, depending on the promotion company. For UFC, however, all MMA athletes in this classification should weigh below 125 pounds. This section is between strawweight and bantamweight classes. All MMA fighters can utilize a variety of combat sports, but Rachael Ostovich’s fighting style mainly uses judo.

People do not know much about her personal life, but this Hawaiian native has almost a million followers on her Instagram account. She posts gorgeous photos, and the occasional beach picture will wow fans with her generous boobs and ass. The media consider her as the sexiest female MMA artist, and with a body like that, we cannot help but agree.

This brunette beauty has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars. With her continued success on the ring, this amount will likely increase in the future.

The stunning celebrity tied the knot with a fellow fighter, Arnold Berdon. People thought their coupling was a match made in heaven, but we never imagined they would take their fight even off the court. Rachael Ostovich made headlines in 2018 when she incurred a skull fracture, with her husband as the perpetrator.

His violent attack also targeted her face and ribs. Her husband spent two days in prison, and Rachael Ostovich asked for lenience, so her daughter can grow up with her father. Their highly publicized domestic violence case ended in 2019, with the man getting sentenced to four years of probation.

After Arnold Berdon completes anger management and domestic violence intervention class, he may ask the reconsideration of their child’s custody, which went to the beautiful star. Rachael Ostovich is currently single and has no plans of dating anyone yet.

The fierce athlete has yet to participate in any official matches in 2020, so we hope she can get back to her feet. We are excited to see Rachael Ostovich again on the ring, as we are sure she will kick some major butt. While waiting for the next fight, feel free to check out our collection of bikini photos of this amazing woman.

Sexy and Hot Rachael Ostovich Pictures