43 Sexy and Hot Psylocke Pictures

The Marvel Comics superhero Psylocke may have several alternative versions throughout the comics series, but one thing is for sure – Psylocke is one badass hot superhero. To see more of her photos, click our compilation of images.

Psylocke’s real name was Elizabeth and was born on April 23, 1956. Her father came from an alternative universe but got sent back to earth to create an ultimate protector named Captain Britain. However, James Braddock Sr. accidentally created two personas, Elizabeth and her twin, Brian.

The twins lived in a mansion in a little town in Essex. When their parents died, the twins lived separate lives. For Elizabeth, she pursued her dream of becoming a charter pilot. After an accident that happened to the twins, they began to notice their powers appearing slowly.

Before Psylocke became the famous superheroine in X-Men, she first came to life in the comics, Captain Britain, in 1976. Elizabeth appeared as a supporting character alongside her twin brother, Captain Britain. Then, in the Daredevils #3 edition in March 1983, Psylocke seemed to work for S.T.R.I.K.E. with her lover, Tom Lennox. The organization took its power to good use. However, Tom died due to a murder, and Elizabeth later became a superheroine and became Captain Britain.

Elizabeth appeared again in the X-Men franchise because of the New Mutants Annual #2 comics in 1986. In this edition, she got abducted into the Mojoverse and got brainwashed. It was the first time she got referred to as Psylocke. After the New Mutants rescued Psylocke and she started a new life in the X University under the supervision of Magneto while Professor Xavier was away.

Elizabeth was then invited by the X-Men to be officially part of the team after she aided them against Sabretooth. Later, she adopted her name as Psylocke officially and became a new member of the X-Men. Psylocke’s mind also got placed into another body, namely, the Japanese ninja, Kwannon.

Psylocke’s powers began to surface in her first appearance in X-Men. In the comics, she got presented with power telepathy. She can read people’s minds also control them. Psylocke can even astral project and use her power to astral project as another person. With her mind, Psylocke can scan a whole town.

When Psylocke’s mind got into Kwannon, she developed fighting skills like an assassin. Later in the comics, Psylocke was able to incorporate her telekinesis into her assassin body. She was able to produce a psychic knife that was as deadly as a real Japanese Knife.

Throughout Psylocke’s adventures, she got presented into many Marvel comics but with the same costume. Her appearance as a superheroine included a tight swimsuit-like outfit that accentuated her boobs and ass, as well as her bikini body. In the live-action, Olivia Munn portrayed her character that even upped her sexiness. 

Sexy and Hot Psylocke Pictures