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The actress Patricia Arquette was born in Chicago in 1968 and is from a clan of artists. She garnered acclaim for her role in Wildflower and True Romance, a crime odyssey, before showing off her array in talent in the flick Lost Highway, directed by David Lynch. Arquette also participated in the ten yearlong productions of the international hit Boyhood, for which she received an Oscar Award. All the while, she was acting in the crime thriller, Medium. The hot woman later embraced critical roles at projects like The Act and Escape.

Patricia Arquette secured her debut movie role in ‘Pretty Smart’ in 1987, where she took on the part of Zero, a girl in a boarding school. The blonde bombshell then got casts as the hot Kristen Parker in the horror blockbuster  ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’. The sexy siren made her first television appearance in the TV movie ‘Daddy,’ where she played Stacy, a teenage girl who gets pregnant.

Her depiction of Alice Guthrie, a mute epileptic girl in the show Wildflower, won her the Award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie in 1991, as presented by Cable ACE. In 1999, when she starred as Frankie Paige in the thriller flick ‘Stigmata’ Patricia Arquette returned to the category in which she began her career. While not internationally acclaimed, the project was economically profitable as it received more than $80 million. That very year, the media widely praised her movie ‘Bringing Out the Dead,’ in which she starred opposite her then-husband, Nicolas Cage. On April 8, 1995, the couple would tie the knot.

However, after only nine months, the Hollywood couple would separate from each other. Finally, the couple filed for divorce on May 18, 2001, on irreconcilable differences. In 2015, Arquette appeared in the ‘CBS Network show CSI: Cyber, a program about technologically savvy FBI agents. Two seasons into the show, it got canceled. 

The stunning blonde has got associated with numerous charitable activities over the last twenty years. When Arquette’s mother passed away from the illness in 1997, she since had become dedicated to increasing breast cancer awareness. Patricia Arquette annually joins the event called ‘Race for the Cure.’

In 1999 she worked as the spokeswoman for ‘Lee National Denim Day,’ a fundraising event started by the brand Lee Jeans to help educational campaigns and research projects on cancer. Having followed the earthquake in Haiti, she and her buddy Rosetta Millington-Getty established a nonprofit organization to assist in multiple projects, including residential construction and community outreach in the devastated spot.

In the photo gallery, you will find images of the hot actress in sexy photo shoots, red carpet events, magazine spreads, promotional materials, bikini beach photos, and more. You will also find pictures posted by the superstar on social media. She is known and characterized as having perky boobs and a big butt.

Sexy and Hot Patricia Arquette Pictures

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