41 Sexy and Hot Pat Benatar Pictures

Pat Benatar rose to fame for her legendary rock performances. She is also an actress and songwriter. This multi-award Grammy winner is known for her fearless and sexy persona onstage.

Patricia Mae Andrzejewski is also known for her stage name as Pat Benatar. She was born in 1953 and raised in a suburban area in New York.

As a young girl, Benatar took an interest in voice lessons and theatre. At eight, she made her first solo performance with the rendition of “It Must Be Spring.” Benatar was an active student in high school, where she joined musical productions, choir singing, and homecoming parade.

Benatar did not finish her college degree after marrying Dennis Benatar at 19. She initially worked as a bank teller and later left her job to pursue a professional singing career.

In 1971, Benatar began her career as a singing waitress and a band member. She also performed at a comedy club where she got discovered by her soon-to-be manager Rick Newman.

Together with her husband, Benatar moved to New York to perform in music gigs. For three years, she played with Catch a Rising Star band and appeared in a rock musical production, The Zinger, as Zephyr.

The Halloween night of 1977 became a pivotal moment for Benatar’s career. While dressed in a costume from the movie Cat-Women of the Moon, Benatar went onstage and performed commercial jingles. Her brief stint became the headline of a New York City nightclub, where musical labels heard about her performance. Soon after, she signed a contract with Chrysalis Records.

In 1979, Benatar released her first album In the Heat of the Night with singles “I Need a Lover,” and “Don’t Let It Show.” Her debut album gained platinum recognition and reached the 12th spot on the U.S. charts.

By 1980, Benatar released her second studio album, Crimes of Passion, with the hit single “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Her song became the first single to reach the U.S. Top 10 charts and sold millions of records. She received her first Grammy Award as Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

A year later, Benatar released her third album, Precious Time, which became the number one album in the Billboard. The leading single “Fire and Ice” led to her second Grammy win and another certified platinum award.

Since then, Benatar produced nine more albums until 2003. Overall, Benatar released a total of twelve albums with several Grammy Award wins and nominations, including top-charting hit singles.  

When it comes to her performances, Benatar was a total badass on stage. She showed off her hot bikini body in a tight dress, which outlined her ass and boobs’ shape.

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