40 Sexy and Hot Pam Grier Pictures

As she turned 70, Pam Grier finally found some peace while not on the movie industry’s limelight. Pam got known in the 70 as a hot actress portraying sexy roles for many Blaxploitation movies. She even got to show her boobs and her ass in some of her films, accentuating her bikini body more. Now, Pam is in remission from her cervical cancer. To see more Pam Grier photos, check out our compilation here.

Pam Grier or Pamela Suzette Grier was born and raised in North Carolina. When her parents, Gwendolyn Sylvia and Clarence Grier Jr., welcomed her on May 26, 1949, her father was already in the military.

Grier’s childhood was not carefree. When she was only six years old, little girl, Pamela, got raped by two boys at her aunt’s house. In one interview, she revealed that she and her family had a hard time recovering from what happened to her. After the incident, the family continued to move from one place to another because of the job of her father. They finally settled in Colorado.

Since Pam’s family did not have enough money, she decided to join beauty contests to raise money to pay for her college and eventually enrolled at Metropolitan State College. However, Pam got raped again by her former boyfriend.

In 1967, Pam moved to Los Angeles for work. Jack Hill eventually discovered her and cast her in the films, The Big Doll House in 1971, and The Big Bird Cage in 1972. Both films were women-in-prison movies and made way for Pam’s bold and assertive roles in Blaxploitation movies.

The 90s was also good to Pam Grier. She was very busy with her several TV features doing guest role and voice roles. She also starred on the famous comic-science fiction film, Mars Attacks!, by Tim Burton. Then, she had a recurring role in the DC series, Smallville, in 2010, as the character and villain, Amanda Waller. In the same year, she published her memoir book entitled ‘Foxy: My Life in Three Acts. She co-wrote the book with Andrea Cagan.

By 2011, Pam received honorary Doctorates at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Langston University. Pam Grier Community Garden and Education Center got established because of Pam Grier. 

Pam’s relationship with the opposite sex was quite a whirlwind romance. She never got married but had multiple relationships with famous men. She also got diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1988 but was a survivor. Currently, Pam Grier is happily settling in her home and is on remission. 

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