50 Sexy and Hot Padma Lakshmi Pictures

American actress and sexy author Padma Parvati Lakshmi Vaidyanathan is best known for hosting Top Chef that airs in the United States. Our gallery of Sexy and Hot Padma Lakshmi Pictures will unveil how attractive this woman is.

While being born in Madras, Lakshmi spent most of her childhood in the United States. She frequently returns to India to stay with her grandparents. Lakshmi had a rough childhood, mainly because of the diagnosis of her disease called Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

After she was permitted to go outside, Lakshmi suffered in a car accident when she was in California. Because of that, she required surgery and operations to heal, which made her stay in the hospital a lot longer. Lakshmi spent most of her teenage years in Los Angeles and was troubled because of the environment and her descent.

After wrapping up her high school years at William Workman High School, Lakshmi decided to enroll in Clark University, where she was able to graduate with a degree in theater arts. Afterward, the American actress was able to migrate to Spain to start a career in modeling.

While in a café, Lakshmi was discovered by an agent that was responsible for her on landing modeling gigs. After some time of working, she was able to help herself financially.

Lakshmi became famous in Madrid for being the first Indian woman to become a model in the said location. She started becoming a lot more popular and is being sought out by many, including esteemed designers and fashion lines.

Lakshmi was also able to land projects like photoshoots with different magazine publications, including FHM, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, etc.

The American actress returned to the United States to start a career in television and was able to do it when she got an invitation to appear in the second season of Top Chef that premiered in 2006. Currently, the reality cooking competition is in its 17th season. With the hot American model and actress hosting, it was able to maintain a stable rating and audience satisfaction to continue airing.

Aside from that, she also appeared in several TV series where we got to see her capabilities as an actress including, Caraibi – Pirates: Blood Brothers, Star Trek: Enterprise, Sharpe, and 30 Rock. She has also appeared in many reality TV shows, aside from her hosting in Top Chef.

Lakshmi was able to publish several books under her name, debuting in 1999. Her latest work got released in 2016, which is an encyclopedia about cooking.

Lakshmi is now approaching her 50s, but she still has the big boobs that many men loved. Not only that, but she was able to maintain an excellent shaped bikini body. Lakshmi is something special, and with her contributions in the modeling scene, there are a lot of photos of the American actress that circulates over the internet.

But you shouldn’t waste your time looking for them, because we already did! Take a look at our compilation of Lakshmi’s best boobs and ass photos.

Sexy and Hot Padma Lakshmi Pictures