40 Sexy and Hot Olivia Cooke Pictures

The young British Actress has been becoming popular in Geek Culture, building an iconic status by appearing in horror, sci-fi, and drama projects. Not only does she stand out by playing unique and memorable characters, but she also gets to work with other Geek culture icons. Below, are the highlights of her career and a great set of Sexy and Hot Olivia Cooke Pictures.

Olivia appeared in the British TV drama series “Blackout” (2012) about a murder mystery. She got to work with Christopher Eccleston, best known as the 9th incarnation of Doctor Who. Eccleston also played Destro in “G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and Malekith in “Thor: The Dark World.”

Olivia then comes out in the independent sci-fi film, “The Signal” (2014) with Brandon Thwaites, better known as Nightwing in the D.C. Titans series and Lawrence Fishburne, the veteran actor who played Morpheus in “The Matrix Trilogy.”

As a supernaturally disturbed young woman in “The Quiet Ones” (2014), She acts alongside Sam Clafin of “The Hunger Games.”

Olivia then goes be a standout as Rachel, the Dying Girl in the Sundance cult classic, “Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl” (2015.) The film is about two teenage film geeks that make amateur films for their terminally ill friend. With her in the movie is Jon Bernthal of “The Walking Dead” and Marvel’s “The Punisher.”

In the 2018 Drama, “Life Itself,” Olivia gets to work alongside Oscar Isaac of “Star Wars.”

Ms. Cooke played the ultimate geek fantasy girl in the Steven Spielberg film “Ready Player One,” where she plays the gamer Samantha, the girl next door. The alter-ego of the latter is Artemis. A hot computer generated bikini body avatar with perfect virtual boobs and ass. Olivia shares the screen with Tye Sheridan, who plays Cyclops in Marvel’s “Xmen” films.

Olivia will act in the upcoming sci-fi Romance “Little Fish” about a memory loss virus that threatens to erase the love the couple shares.

Olivia Cooke does not present herself as your typical sexy Hollywood star. Her look Is more girl-next-door, but her ability to transform herself to portray roles in cutting edge films has endeared her to audiences. Her choice of film and tv projects ensures her a large geek fanbase.

If she decides to retire from acting now, she can make a career out of doing comic convention appearances for the rest of her life. But it doesn’t seem that she is slowing down. Producers announced that she will be playing American tennis champion Alice Marble who became a spy in the WW2 period film “Courting Danger.”

Olivia looks to be gaining momentum for something bigger than what she has done so far. Given her current exposure, maybe the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Star Wars franchise will come calling soon.

Sexy and Hot Olivia Cooke Pictures

Sexy and Hot Olivia Cooke Pictures
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