53 Sexy and Hot Odette Annable Pictures

Supergirl actress Odette Annable may already be a mom of one, but she still maintained her hot bikini body. The sexy actress flaunted her stunning physique in many of her photoshoots, and it is something she is proud of. But don’t expect to see some boobs and ass because Odette will never pose nude for any magazine. To see more of Odette Annable’s photos, check out our photo compilation here.

Odette Juliette Yusman was born and raised in Lost Angeles. Her parents welcomed her on May 10, 1985, and from the age of five, Odette started to appear in movies. Her first movie appearance was on Kindergarten Cop, as a Spanish-speaking student, Rosa. After the movie, she had to rest for five years before landing new career opportunities again.

After the five year hiatus, Odette started to gain new acting jobs, getting a cast on the film, Dear God. The movie premiered in 1996, and she played the character, Angela. She also landed a role in a TV film called Remembrance in the same year. Odette then had another long hiatus before going back to the screen. Her first appearance after her eight-year break was on the TV series, Quintuplets. She played the character, Kelly Helberg.

Odette’s career was not a stable one during her childhood years, even until her 20s. When she turned 21, Odette appeared in six episodes of South Beach as the character, Arielle Casta. In the same year, she played the role of Courtney in the series, Monk.

From 2007 to 2008, Odette had more TV appearances, playing Audrey Diaz in the drama series, October Road, and appearing in fiction crime/drama series, Life on Mars as Adrienne. Then, her first break came when she got a cast on the TV sitcom series, Breaking In, in 2011. She starred in the series, playing the character of Melanie Garcia. Although the series aired for two seasons, Odette appeared in 12 episodes from a total of 20.

 Also in 2011 until 2012, Odette played the role, Dr. Jessica Adams, in the medical drama, House. She was also a recurring role in the series, appearing in 22 episodes.

Odette’s busiest year was in 2013 when she appeared in a total of five TV series. She had guest roles in the series, Golden Boy, New Girl, Westside, and Anger Management. She also got a recurring role in Banshee as the character, Nola Longshadow.

Annable’s breakthrough role was on the DC Comics series, Supergirl. She started her character, Samantha Arias/Reign, on the third season in 2017. She even got nominated for her performance on the Saturn Awards.

In 2010, Odette married her co-star on Brothers & Sisters, Dave Annable. Then, in 2015, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Sexy and Hot Odette Annable Pictures

Sexy and Hot Odette Annable Pictures
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