44 Sexy and Hot Nigella Lawson Pictures

Looking at the sexy photos of Nigella Lawson, you know that she is an epitome of sexiness. If you are a food lover, you will fall in love with her even more because she is a chef, food writer, and a host. As you browse through her pictures, find out more about her.  

Nigella Lucy Lawson was from Wandsworth, London. She is a daughter of a government official, Nigel Lawson, and J. Lyons and Co heiress, Vanessa Salmon. Her parents were both Jewish. 

When she was 20, her parents divorced and went on their separate ways to establish their family. 

Lawson has full-blooded siblings, who are Dominic, Thomasina, and Horatia. She also has half-siblings, whose names are Tom and Emily. 

Despite being hot, you would never think that Lawson had a troubled relationship with her mother. Lawson said that it caused her unhappiness in her childhood. 

Because her father was a political figure, she found that the comments and judgments about her devastating. 

Her mom died at the age of 48 due to liver cancer.

In her childhood, Lawson had to changed school several times for nine years.  Lawson said that she was a brilliant student, but was a difficult and rude one. Lawson went to schools like Ibstock Place School, Godolphin and Latymer School, and Queen’s Gate School. 

She graduated with a medieval and modern languages degree at the University of Oxford. 

Despite her challenging childhood life, you do not have to see her in a bikini to see her bloom. 

Lawson’s career started when she worked under Naim Attallah’s wing. She became a journalist at the age of 23 after writing for The Spectator magazine. She wrote book reviews, became a restaurant critic, and became The Sunday Times literary editor. 

What caught the public’s attention was when she revealed that she voted for the Labor Party, and not the Conservative, which was her father’s political party. 

Lawson busted her ass as a food writer. Her first cookbook was How to Eat, which became a best seller and sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. Her other book is How to Be a Domestic Goddess that won her an award. 

In 1999, she hosted a cooking show Nigella Bites, which was also the title of her cookbook. It brought her the Guild of Food Writers Award. 

Apart from Nigella Bites, she also hosted other TV shows like Nigella, Nigella Feasts, Nigella’s Christian Kitchen, Nigella Express, among several others. 

In 1992, she married John Diamond, a journalist and had two children. However, in 2001, Diamond died due to throat cancer. In 2003, Lawson married Charles Saatchi, an art collector, but admitted to being in an unhappy relationship.

In 2013, The Sunday People published some photos of Saatchi grabbing Lawson around her neck. Saatchi explained that it was just a playful tiff, but the cop’s investigation revealed that it was an assault. 

Lawson had a problematic relationship with Saatchi that ended in divorce. 

Despite the bitterness of her personal life, Lawson has been successful in her career. Looking at Lawson’s pictures, it is undeniable that she has the face, boobs, and butt that are perfect as an art.

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