46 Sexy and Hot Nia Long Pictures

Looking at the sexy photos of Nia Long, you cannot deny that she is gorgeous. Nia Long is an actress, who is notable for her roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Empire, and more. As you browse through her photos, get to know more about her. 

Nia Talita Long was from Brooklyn, New York, born on October 30, 1970. She is the daughter of Talita, a teacher, and Doughtry, a high school teacher. She has a half-sister on her father’s side who is also an actress, whose name is Sommore. 

Long has a Bajan, Grenadian, Trinidadian, and Vincentian descent. 

Looking at her hot in those pictures, you would never imagine that her parents divorced when she was only two years old. She went with her mom to Iowa to learn fine arts. 

When Long was seven, her mom decided to go to South Los Angeles because her mother wanted to tie a knot in this place. However, her mom and her fiancé broke up but still decided to stay. On the other hand, her father, Doughtry, was in New Jersey.

Long went to St. Mary’s Academy in California. She also attended the Paseo Del Rey Elementary Education, where she had to travel by bus from South Los Angles to Playa Del Rey. Aside from her primary education, she also trained in tap, gymnastics, acting, guitar, ballet, and jazz.

Long went to Westchester High School to take her secondary education and graduated in 1989.  For college, Long went to Santa Monica College. 

Looking at her in her bikini photos, you know that Long has the potential to become an actress. 

Long trained under Betty Bridges wing, who happens to be the mother of actor Todd Bridges. Her debut was when she became one of the casts of The B.R.A.T., which is Disney’s television movie. She acted along with Brian Keith, Sean Astin, and Tim Thomerson. 

Long also became one of the notable casts of the longest-running soap opera series Guiding Light, where she played the role of Kathryn Speakes. Long played the role of Brandi for the series Boyz n the Hood. 

In 2003, Long became a part of the TV movie Third Watch, playing Sasha Monroe. Long also played a significant role in the comedy movies Are We There Yet and its sequel.

Aside from the mentioned TV series and movies, she also busted her ass to appear in Buried Alive, Friday, Love Jones, Stigmata, The Broken Heart Club, House of Lies, among many others.

Long used to be in a relationship with Massai Dorsey, and she gave birth to their child in 2000.  

In 2010, Long began dating the basketball player Ime Ukoda. She gave birth to their child in 2011 until they finally engaged in 2015. 

Long supports the Sterling Children’s Home located in Barbados by being a motivational speaker. 

Even without seeing Nia Long’s boobs, by looking at her acting and face, you know that she is a gorgeous actress that can melt your heart.

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