60 Sexy and Hot Nia Jax Pictures

If you love watching WWE for the women’s division, you know how sexy Nia Jax can be. Although she is not the stereotype of sexiness, her plus-size body and kick-ass appeal can make a man’s heart jump. As you browse through our Sexy and Hot Nia Jax Pictures, you will be stunned by he attractive looks.

Savelina Fanene (Nia Jax) was from Honolulu, Hawaii, and born on May 29, 1984. She has Samoan and German roots, and the daughter of Renate and Joseph Fanene. She is a relative of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

As a child, Nia Jax has been fascinated by modeling and bodybuilding. What makes her hot is that she has loved doing kick-ass activities like kickboxing, judo, and karate.

Nia Jax went to Carlsbad High School and to Palomar College, where Jax became active in basketball.

You do not have to see Nia Jax in a bikini to know how gorgeous she can be. Before her career as a wrestler, Jax became a model.

In 2014, Jax signed with WWE, and the NXT was her first assignment. In 2015, she had her ring debut under her then ring name Zada. Bayley and Carmella defeated her and Devin Taylor at that time.  

It was in August of that year when she changed her ring name to Nia Jax. 

Nia Jax made her single-match debut in the NXT October 14 episode. This time, she defeated her opponent Evie. She has built her villainous reputation by defeated several opponents, including the one who beat her on her first ring match, Carmella.

In November, Nia Jax formed an ally with Eva Marie and even fought on the ring with her to defeat their opponents, including the tag team between Bayley and Carmella. Jax defeated Alexa Bliss and Carmella on May 25 in a triple threat match.  

On the July 20 episode, Barley finally beat her. Asuka also won over her on December 28 in the NXT Women’s Championship. 

After the 2016 draft, Nia got back on her feet and kicked the ass of various competitors. This time, she developed some feuds with the other wrestlers as part of the WWE drama. It involves Alicia Fox, who was her first feud. 

Nia Jax also formed a dispute with Sasha banks. Nia Jax injured her, and their dispute led to matches. The first match was the pre-show of the Royal Rumble, where she won. The second was the Fastlane, where she lost from her.

Jax competed for the tag-team match on April 3, where she got eliminated first. Her opponents were Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Banks. 

Currently, Jax has allied with Tamina, although they had confrontations in the past. Their team defeated Ember Moon, her tag team partner in the September 17, 2018 episode of WWE. They joined the six-team elimination chamber and were successful in eliminating the two teams before the other teams eliminated them.

They also joined the four-way match at the WrestleMania 35, but the Ilconics defeated them. 

Nia Jax has been suffering from an injury. She had to undergo surgery for her knees.

Currently, Nia Jax is in a relationship with Josh Woods, who is also a wrestler. 

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