43 Sexy and Hot Naturi Naughton Pictures

Naturi Naughton knew at the age of 5 she wanted to sing. At a young age, Naughton started to join the New Hope Baptist Church’s choir group. Coincidentally, this is the very same church where young Whitney Houston used to perform. The child prodigy had performed the national anthem for events held in New Jersey.

You must have heard one or two of their songs on the radio. American girl group 3LW formed by Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and 15 years old Naturi Naughton made their debut in 2000. In the same year, the group released their first single, No More (Baby I’ma Do Right) along with their self-titled debut album. With their album going platinum, the group released their second single Playas Gon’ Play in 2001 and went on one of MTV’s tour show segments, Total Request Live. The rookie girl group got to perform alongside Destiny’s Child, Dream, Nelly, and Jessica Simpson.

Earlier in 2002, 3LW worked on their supposed second album but was junked by their record label and only to be leaked online. The unfortunate events caused Epic Record Label to consider cutting off the band. Fans then started a campaign Never Let Go of 3LW, which resulted in the girl group resuming their contract with the label. Unfortunately, Naughton decided to separate ways with 3LW due to arguments between the management and within the group as well.

Naughton made her hot comeback in 2009 when she recorded soundtracks for the movie, Fame. One of the songs made its chart entry on the UK Singles Chart, Top 20 in multiple countries: Finland, Portugal, and Norway. The following year, the singer revealed in a talk show she wanted to focus on her acting career but will still work on her music on the side. Unfortunately, demos of her record leaked again on the internet.

The singer turned artist made impressionable roles in the film and theater industry. From starring as Little Inez in the award-winning Broadway musical, Hairspray to her casting as the sexy aspiring singer Denise in the remake film, Fame. Come 2011, Naughton worked on daring roles. The actress was cast in The Playboy Club and played as a Playboy Bunny, aiming to be the first African American hottie to appear on the centerfold of Playboy. The show had its run for three episodes showing Naughton in bright yellow bunny ears and one-piece bikini, typically highlighting her boobs and plump ass adorned with a bunny tail.

The sexy 36-year old received recognition on her role in the television series, Power. The actress won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2018.  Naughton had her fair share of nominations and red-carpet moments, always gracing award shows and serving sexy looks that seem to win on fashion polls.

In the following years and until now, Naughton appeared on various television shows and films, whether portraying a significant or supporting role.

Sexy and Hot Naturi Naughton Pictures