45 Sexy and Hot Natasha Henstridge Pictures

This sexy Canadian actress has been in the entertainment industry for a quarter of a decade.  Natasha Henstridge has racked up an impressive list of titles to her name, both in her native country and internationally.

None of her immediate family is in show business, so Natasha Henstridge took the first step when she was 14 years old. The star joined a modeling contest and eventually traveled to Paris to fulfill her dream. She established her modeling career by gracing magazine covers and doing commercials for well-known brands like Olay and Old Spice.

Her feature film debut was the sci-fi horror, Species. Though it received mixed reviews, the flick was a box-office success, mainly because of the advertising regarding her topless scenes. It went on to have several sequels and comic book series. Aside from this franchise, other movies to her name include The Whole Nine Yards, The Bronx Bull, and Second Skin.

The beautiful mom has thousands of followers on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Aside from chronicles of her daily life, her feed contains behind the scenes and the occasional throwback photo. One could also see several group pictures of her hanging out with other celebrities.

This hot Canadian is currently single. Though she had several high-profile relationships, the actress has yet to find her happily ever after. Her first partner was American actor-director, Damian Chapa. They tied the knot in 1995 but divorced a year later.

This blonde then had a long-term relationship with actor Liam Waite. People do not know much about their split, but they share two adorable sons named Tristan River and Asher Key.

Shortly after their separation in 2004, Natasha Henstridge started dating Darius Campbell-Danesh. It was another long-term bond, with the Scottish singer even popping the question in 2010. They broke off the engagement for an unknown reason but then had a secret ceremony in 2011. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2013. Even with their separation, the pair remains in amicable terms.

Natasha Henstridge made headlines in 2009 when she confessed the unhealthy practices she followed in her younger days to maintain her thin figure. The gorgeous blonde became prominent with her role in Species, and many envied her slender, hourglass shape. She even bared her boobs and ass for the sci-fi thriller. However, the star confessed to taking unauthorized supplements and Chinese herbs.

Now, Natasha Henstridge has a more curvaceous build, which she attributes to a nutritious diet paired with an active workout regimen. Either way, her confidence makes her more attractive. The Canadian celebrity last appeared on film and TV in 2019, and we look forward to seeing her upcoming projects. Feel free to check out this collection of bikini photos of this comely woman.

Sexy and Hot Natasha Henstridge Pictures