50 Sexy and Hot Natalie Zea Pictures

Looking at the sexy photos of Natalie Zea, you know that her gorgeous looks are worth jaw-dropping. Natalie Zea is an actress and has appeared in several TV series and played prominent roles. As you look more at the Sexy and Hot Natalie Zea Pictures we have for you, you will fully understand what we are talking about!

Natalie Zea was from Texas and born on the 17th of March 1975. She is the daughter of Danny Lee and Jennifer Zea. 

Zea took her secondary education in Monahans and graduated in 1993. She also went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and graduated in 1995. 

Zea has been an active user of social media and has a wide range of followers. She loves posting about her family life. 

Before Zea became that hot chic, Karen Darling, Zea’s career began as a theater artist. She took some roles in several productions, which include A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Three Sisters. Her first feature was when Zea starred in an independent film Macbeth in Manhattan.

Looking at her bikini photos, you know that she has the appeal of a TV actress. Her TV debut came in when she appeared in one episode of D.C. 

In 1995, Zea became one of the casts of the film Boys Don’t Cry and played the character of Lana Tisdel. She also worked for commercials, where she represented several brands like Snickers, Dove, and Hellman’s Salad Dressing. 

Her first significant role was when Zea played the character of Gwen Hotchkiss in the NBC series Passions. Her breakthrough came in when she played the role of a socialite named Karen Darling in the Dirty Sexy Money. Aside from these roles, Zea also appeared in several TV series and films, which are Hung, The Shield, and Californication.

She became famous for playing the role of Winona Hawkins when she appeared in the series Justified. The Following is her other drama series. She had the opportunity to play a lead role in the series Members Only, but it got canceled before airing. She also became one of the casts of the series The Detour, but it got canceled in 2019.

Zea has not won any awards as of the moment, but her net worth of 6 million dollars proves that Zea busted her ass to do well in her career. 

There were rumors that Zea had been in a relationship with Peter Krause and Thomas Kane. 

Zea had been in a 10-year dating relationship with her Passion co-star Travis Schuldt before the announcement of their engagement in 2013. In 2014, the couple married in Hawaii. In 2015, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, and it was in October of that year when Zea gave birth to a baby girl named Reygan. 

It has been years since their marriage, but Zea and her husband have been maintaining their strong relationship.  

Even though Zea has not been as famous as the many actresses in Hollywood, she did not have to flash her boobs to get stable roles.

Sexy and Hot Natalie Zea Pictures

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