44 Sexy and Hot Nasim Pedrad Pictures

Actress and comedian, a sexy one at that, Nasim Pedrad already knew she’s going to do comedy at a very young age. Her beauty stands out and the gallery of Sexy and Hot Nasim Pedrad Pictures we have put together will support that statement.

Born in Iran, Nasim Pedrad’s parents immigrated to the US when she was only two. At school, the young Nasim didn’t feel like she’d fit in. Her name was different from all the other kids at school, and her parents, although speaking English, have an odd accent. Her affinity for comedy started when she was young and trying to find her calling.

She enrolled in the UCLA School of Theater and became a part of its Spring Sing Company. The actress graduated in 2003. 

Before she gained popularity on TV, Nasim Pedrad first performed at The Groundlings with the Sunday Company. She was also frequently performing in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and ImproveOlympic in its Los Angeles Division. The actress was famous for her one-woman show called Me, Myself, and Iran.

It was a massive success and earned the actress several awards, including the Performance of the Year from LA Weekly. It also landed her the lead role for the comedic spoof After School Special.

From there, Nasim Pedrad went on to grace the TV scene with her talent. There’s no need to bare your ass and boobs if you have the wit and charm like hers. Nasim Pedrad made her TV debut in 2007 for an appearance in Gilmore Girls. She also guest-starred in The Winner that same year and had a recurring part in the series ER.

In 2009, the actress went on as a guest on the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

While she had a couple of appearances throughout the years, Nasim Pedrad’s career only took off to greater heights when she joined Saturday Night Live, highlighting her comedic talent. She became a cast member of SNL in 2009, becoming the first female Middle-Eastern to be part of the show. She was on the show until 2014.

During her SNL years, Nasim Pedrad also worked in various films. She lent her voice in Fox’s 2011 animated series Allen Gregory then appeared in the movie No Strings Attached that same year. She also voiced a supporting role in the 2012 animated film The Lorax, then followed another appearance in The Dictator later in the year.

In 2013, she also lent her voice to a supporting character for the movie Despicable Me 2. The following year, she starred in the sitcom Mulaney, although it was cut short. 

Her more recent works include a recurring role as officer Aly Nelson in a sitcom in Fox, New Girl. Nasim Pedrad also played the character of Gigi Caldwell in Scream Queens. The following year, the actress joined other comedians for an Old Navy Commercial. She also appeared in the comedy show People of the Earth in 2017, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

At 38 years old and through a fantastic career, Nasim Pedrad remains as hot as ever. You’ll only have to look at her bikini photos to know how she maintained an impressively toned body throughout the years.

Sexy and Hot Nasim Pedrad Pictures