50 Sexy and Hot Naomi Watts Pictures

Looking at the Sexy and Hot Naomi Watts Pictures we have below, you cannot deny that she is one of the gorgeous women in Hollywood. Almost everyone knows her because of the prominent roles in various films.

Naomi Ellen Watts was from England and born on the 28th of September 1968. She is one of the two children of Myfanwy Edwards and Peter Watts. Her older sibling is a brother whose name is Ben.

Although she was from England, her parents took them to Australia when she was only one year old. When she was four, her parents divorced. 

After the divorce, Watt’s mom moved the family to England. After her father’s death, due to heroin addiction, their family settled in North Wales to live with her grandparents. There, she attended a Welsh school called Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni. 

Watts also went to Suffolk and went to Thomas Mills High School.

When Watts and her family went back to Australia when she was 14, Watts went to Mosman High School and the North Sydney Girls High School. 

What sparked Watt’s interest in acting was upon seeing her mom perform on stage, and because of the film Fame.

To pursue her passion, she went to acting lessons and auditioned in many TV advertisements where she came across with Nicole Kidman and became her friend. 

Watts considers herself as Buddhist. The belief sparked her interest while she was in the filming of The Painted Veil. 

Looking at Watt’s hot photos, you would never think that Watt’s worked as a negative cutter, Delicacies manager, and a paper girl. She dreamed of becoming a model but failed.

However, she became one of the casts of For Love Alone in 1986 and also appeared in the film Flirting. 

Watts also appeared in television series in the following years, such as the Brides of Christ, Home and Away, and Hey Dad…!

Watts wanted to further her career in the US, which was the reason she went there. With her gorgeous face and bikini body, you would never have thought that Watts struggled to start her acting career in the US. Luckily, she secured some roles in films such as Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, Tank Girl, Dangerous Beauty, and Sleepwalkers. 

Her break came in when Watts played some roles in the Mulholland Drive and The Ring.

Because Watts busted her ass to acquire some parts in Hollywood, Watts received several awards and nominations for the characters she played on various films, which include Academy Awards for Best Actress, Golden Globe Awards, and more.

Watts also won several awards, which include the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Australian Film Institute Awards for Global Achievement Category, and more.

Watts had been with Heath Ledger for two years, but it ended in 2004. 

In 2005, she started an affair with Liev Schreiber and had two children, Sasha and Sammy. However, after 11 years of being together, they ended their relationship in 2016.  

Currently, she is having an affair with Billy Crudup.

With all the hurdles in Watt’s life and career, it proves that she is more than a girl with a pretty face and perfect boobs

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