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Badass actress and model, Nadia Hilker is ready to take the TV stage with her fierce aura and sexy naturally curly hair. The German actress flaunts her hot curly hair in many public gatherings, making her image more badass. To see more photos of Nadia Hilker, watch our compilation of images.

Born in Munich, Nadia Hilker was born on the 1st of December 1988. When Nadia was four years old, her parents enrolled her in a ballet class. Later, she decided to pursue her ballet dream and enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dance in London. While studying ballet in London, Nadia got discovered by a modeling agent, and later, she became a model.

While in London, Nadia made several modeling contracts, including those with Clearasil. Her perfectly shaped face and her tall bikini body pretty much make her one of the most sought after models in the industry. Although Nadia was making big bucks on her modeling career, the German actress still ventured into acting.

After Nadia attended her professional ballet training at the Royal Academy of Dance in London, she went back to Germany to pursue her career in acting. There, she appeared in her first TV movie called Zimmer mit Tante in 2010. Then, another TV movie opportunity knocked on her door when she appeared in Die Route. Her acting career continued throughout 2010. She appeared in SOKO München in one episode as Tina Pfeifer. Hilker also portrayed the character, Shirin, in an episode of Alarm für Cobra 11.

Hilker’s last TV appearance for 2010 was in Stuttgart Homicide, where she portrayed the character, Tatjana Marquardt. Then, in 2011, she had another appearance on a TV series called Für immer 30. Her acting career success continued as Nadia kept on making the waves on German television.

In 2012, Hilker had more TV projects in line. She appeared in the German police drama series, Der Letzte Bulle in one episode as Romy Weidner. She also had minor roles in other TV series like The Other Wife.

After Nadia’s minor role in the police drama series, München 7, in 2013, she took a break from her crime-fighting roles and headed to the US to star in the romantic-horror movie, Spring, in 2014. Her horrific yet seductive performance in the film made Nadia’s acting more true to life. However, if you happen to watch the movie, don’t expect to see some boobs and ass.

In 2016, Nadia appeared in another TV series called The 100. The American post-apocalyptic series introduced her as Luna Kom Floukru. Nadia was in 7 episodes on the third season of the series, which premiered January 2016.

Currently, Hilker is starring in another post-apocalyptic TV series, The Walking Dead.

Sexy and Hot Nadia Hilker Pictures