41 Sexy and Hot Molly Qerim Pictures

Dubbed as the world’s hottest journalist and sports anchor, you’ll only have to look Molly Qerim’s sexy bikini photos to know why.

The sports anchor holds an American nationality, and her impeccable and unique beauty is because of her mixed ethnicity, which is a combination of Mediterranean and Arabian.

She graduated with a degree in communication with a minor in business administration. Molly Qerim also holds a master’s degree in broadcast journalism, which would soon give her massive popularity in the broadcasting industry.

Her career as a reporter started when she worked for the CBS Sports Network. During her time working in CBS, she covered the National Signing Day, NCAA Tournament, and the US Open for college football.

Also, in the initial years of her career, Molly Qerim worked in collecting UFC updates for ESPN. Later, she started becoming a well-known hot persona in the broadcasting world and got the label as the female lead in the UFC broadcast industry. 

Starting in 2011, she became a co-host in the world MMA Awards and became one of the famous names to host a wide variety of TV shows.

Some of her notable works include hosting Full Court Press, Bracket Breakdown, and SEC Tonight. Before she became a reporter in the football program, Molly Qerim also hosted the SEC TailgateShow and MaxPreps Lemming Report.

The sports anchor’s broadcasting career never soured since she started working in the industry. Instead, it grew even further as she received various broadcasting and hosting projects throughout the years.

In her broadcasting career, Molly Qerim also covered the on-site reporting for some of the most significant sports events, such as NBA Drafts, MLB All-Star Games, NBA All-Star Games, and the Heisman Trophy presentation.

Her sports broadcasting career took off even further when she became the interim host for First Take in ESPN2. For every project that she gets, Molly Qerim tries to prove she’s more than just ass and boobs on TV. She became one of the most sought-after sports reporters that ESPN promoted her in 2015, only two months since she began her interim hoisting gig.

Since then, Molly Qerim became a regular face on ESPN, earning her even more success in the field. She covered several games since then. 

At 35 years old, Molly Qerim also now holds an Emmy Award, among others that are still under review. 

In 2016, the sports anchor found love in the sports world. She started dating Jalen Rose, a former NBA star and her co-worker in ESPN. Initially, the relationship began when the two got together in many games, then the NBA star appearing in Molly Qerim’s photos on Instagram. Later in 2016, the couple confirmed that they are dating then married two years later.

Meanwhile, check out some pictures of Molly Qerim to show her classy life and charming body.