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Serinda Swan is a Canadian TV actress famous for her role in Breakout Kings (2011-2012), where a group of US Marshals agrees with using some convicts to catch escaped inmates. She is also known for her portrayal in Marvel’s Inhumans (2017), and the HBO series Ballers (2015-2019). Who is Serinda Swan? What are her interests and passion, and why is she so hot?

Serinda Swan (July 11, 1984) hailed from her hometown West Vancouver, British Columbia. She is the daughter of Scott Swan, a renowned actor and theatre director. That explains why she has an innate talent when it comes to acting.

Her debut acting role was in 1989, when she became a part of the film Cousins (1989); when she was just three years old! Include that time when she appeared in the Theory of a Deadman as one of her early on-screen appearances. She was a part of the band’s music video for their single “So Happy,” which got released in 2008.

Her TV series involvements include the following: Smallville (2001-2011), where she acted as Zatanna Zatara, a DC Universe magician, Supernatural (2005-2020), where she played as Veritas, the Roman goddess of truth, in the sixth season episode entitled “You Can’t Handle The Truth.” Breakout Kings (2011-2012), where she played as Erica Reed, a skilled bounty hunter and an experienced tracker,  Marvel’s Inhumans (2017), where she portrayed Medusa. Another one was HBO’s Ballers (2015-2019), where she acted as Chloe Day, a hot and smart hotel management executive.

As for the film involvements, Serinda Swan appeared in the film The Veil (2017), where she worked as Zera in the post-apocalyptic movie where a destructive war campaign ravages the world. Her first film, though, was The Breakup Artist (2009), where a relationship-destroyer suddenly turns into a matchmaker.

Back in 2018, Swan got announced to be one of the stars in the CBC’s TV series Coroner (2019), which is an adaptation of the Jenny Cooper novels. 

Serinda Swan is also a charitable person and an activist. She is known to work with non-profit organizations like Heifer International, Somaly Mam Foundation, and the UNF Nothin But Nets. Friends to Mankind, another non-profit organization, has her as one of their Founding Ambassadors.

What makes Serinda Swan sexy and attractive? One of the reasons would be her face. She’s got a semi-intimidating look that makes people want to love her more. Serinda Swan also has an impressive physique; her boobs and ass perfectly fit her body, as if it is mainly for her. The bikinis she wears would fit her nicely, given that her stature and body shape well built.

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