42 Sexy and Hot Lauren Lapkus Pictures

Lauren Lapkus got famous for her portrayal of Susan Fischer, the correctional officer in Netflix’s series Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019). Aside from this, she also appeared in SXSW’s The Unicorn (2018), and many other acting roles. Who is Lauren Lapkus, and why is she so freaking hot?

Lauren Lapkus is an American actress famous for her impeccable performance in the NBC sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? (2012) and the Orange Is the New Black (2013-2019). Born in Illinois on September 6, 1985, she pursued her studies and graduated in DePaul University, which is followed by the pursuit of her acting career. 

Lauren Lapkus has been part of the entire series of HBO’s Crashing (2017-2019), a comedy-drama series about a stand-up comedian who discovered that her wife was cheating with an Italian boxer. She was also a part of the last two seasons of the CBS series The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019), where she played as Denise, Stuart’s girlfriend and assistant manager of his comic book store.

Lauren Lapkus eventually established her improv podcast. When this podcast debuted, it ranked #1 on iTunes’ comedy section, which made her TIME magazine lister in their 2018’s top podcasts. Aside from that, she also co-hosts other podcasts like Raised by TV, which focuses on 90s nostalgic scenes, music, pop culture, etc., and Threedom, a comedic podcast.

She gets herself busy with three things: voice acting, comedy, and acting. She’s part of the film Holmes and Watson (2018), Blended (2014), and some other series like Bob Burgers (2011-present), American Dad (2005-present), Adventure Time (2010-2018), and Animals (2016-2018).

Lauren Lapkus is a regular actor in both Clipped (2015) and Are You There, Chelsea? (2012). She was involved with many small-screen acting roles, but one of her big-screen chances was when she got a supporting role in the Jurassic World (2015). Remember the techy duo who spent most of their time in the command center? It’s them!

You may also see Lauren Lapkus and thought, “wait, I’ve seen her somewhere.” Yep. She gets that all the time. With her small-screen appearances in series like House of Lies (2012-2016), Key and Peele (2012-2015), and The Middle (2009-2018), she is one of those talents whom you can’t remember the name, only their impressive works.

There is no denying that Lauren Lapkus is an attractive lady. She has this nerdy vibe that gets the best out of the audience. She is pretty, and she has a beautiful body too! Look at her ass and boobs, aren’t they amazing? They compliment her body so much; they form together with a beautiful and attractive body. Make’s you wonder: what does Lauren Lapkus look like in a bikini? Lauren Lapkus is genuinely one of a kind.

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