54 Sexy and Hot Mickie James Pictures

If you are a professional wrestling fan, you know how sexy and gorgeous Mickie James is. Mickie James is a professional WWE wrestler in the women’s division and a country singer too. As you browse through her pictures, get to know about her more.

Mickie Laree James was from Richmond, Virginia, born on August 31, 1979. She is one of the two daughters of Stuart James and Sandra Knuckles. Her father is a VAIL League Division 3 Championship coach, and her mother is a teacher.

Mickie has a full sister, two half-siblings, and three stepbrothers. She has a Native American descent, belonging to the Powhatan tribe. 

Although Mickie was from Richmond, the wrestler grew up in Montpelier and took her secondary education from Patrick Henry High School, graduating in 1997. When she was young, she used to spend most of her time on the horse farm of her grandmother, where she developed her passion for equestrian sports.  

Aside from horses, Mickie also used to love playing the violin and played for five years. Mickie is also a fan of American Football. 

Seeing Mickie in a bikini, you will never imagine that she has a business administration associate degree. She also took a Bachelor of Arts in Operations Management.

Mickie has wanted to own a horse farm and to train horses. Currently, she has some of them whose names are Rhapsody, Bunny, and Casanova. She also has two dogs whose names are Butch and Elvis. 

Since childhood, Mickie has been a wrestling fan. For this reason, she decided to enroll in a professional wrestling school in Washington, following her friend’s advice. Her debut was in 1999 in the indie circuit as the KYDA Pro Wrestling valet. 

At that time, she used the pseudonym Alexis Laree for her appearance in the ring. She also managed male wrestlers, including Tommy Dreamer.

Her first match was the intergender tag team. Her opponents were Mike Brown and Candie, while her partner was Jake Damian. 

Mickie is an award-winning wrestler who kicks ass (literally). She won the WWE Divas Championship once and the WWE Women’s Championship five times.

Throughout her career, Mickie also became a commentator for the WWE’s Main Event. 

Aside from being a wrestler, Mickie is also a singer, and Strangers & Angels was her first album.  

Mickie used to have a relationship with Kenny Dykstra and became engaged in 2007. However, their affair did not work and resulted in a breakup.  

In 2014, Mickie gave birth to a child named Donovan, and Nick Aldis was the father. They became engaged in December of that year and got married almost a year after. 

With all of her achievements and life’s accomplishments, Mickie is one of the female wrestlers who are more than just beauty, muscles, and boobs.

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