55 Sexy and Hot Michelle Lewin Pictures

Michelle Lewin is a stunning model and fitness trainer who you could say has it all when it comes to having a sexy physique. When you look at the snaps on her Instagram page where she owns the handle @michelle_lewin, you can say that her muscular ass and boobs make her hot body the optimal prototype for every woman and the ultimate fantasy for every bachelor. No wonder, you desire more of Michelle’s pictures wearing skimpy string bikinis.

After all, she truly sizzles as a beach babe. In this article, we are glad to tell you that you will find these breathtaking images. You may be among Michelle’s over 13.6 million Instagram followers as of June 2020. Sure, Instagram has lots of her hot pics. But our offerings focus on the lovely fitness trainer-model wearing the ultra-sexy swimwear in various colors, styles, and brands.

Allow us to inform you of some essential tidbits about the alluring fitness influencer. Michelle is a bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and model. Her birth date listed online is February 25, 1986, which makes her birth sign Pisces. Also, as of June 2020, she is 34 years old. Michelle hails from Maracay, Venezuela. She started her professional career by working as a model. But her husband, Jimmy Lewin, motivated her to engage in both modeling and bodybuilding contests.

After relocating to Miami, Florida, Michelle discovered her calling as both a fitness model and a bodybuilder. She bagged prizes from plenty of competitions, including the Fort Lauderdale Cup that the National Physique Committee organized.

Michelle appeared in the covers of many well-known magazines, too. These glossy publications comprise Muscle and Fitness, Playboy, Inside Fitness, and Oxygen. Also, Michelle is titillating with her vital statistics listed online as 36-25-36 inches. Her sultry body fits size-2 dresses as well. As a brown-haired and brown-eyed Venezuelan beauty, Michelle stands at 5’5″ tall. As of June 2020, Michelle has been Mrs. Jimmy Lewin for a decade. She met her future husband in 2008, and they tied the knot two years later.

Besides being the husband and life partner of Michelle, Jimmy has been her personal trainer. Plus, he has also been her agent, social media manager, and best friend. Jimmy trained Michelle quite well, educating her on how to develop her upper body. At this point, the two are childless. 

In the fitness scene today, Michelle is one of the prominent stars. She wants to help her fans gain the same wholesome, fit, and muscular body that she possesses. Thus, she wrote her book titled, “The Hot Body Diet: The Plan to Radically Transform Your Body in 28 Days.” In this publication, Michelle collaborated with Dr. Samar Yorde, a Venezuelan physician and a certified wellness coach in the United States

. Michelle answered the queries of her millions of fans about achieving a curvaceous physique, killer abs, and formidable physical strength. She shared an easy-to-follow exercise and diet strategy in her book. Plus, her step-by-step wellness plan applies to all kinds of bodies.

We know you are excited to view Michelle’s sizzling-hot bikini images, and we are confident that you will agree she is the perfect beach babe. Enjoy! 

Sexy and Hot Michelle Lewin Pictures

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