50 Sexy and Hot Michelle Jenneke Pictures

Michelle Jenneke is famous for being Australian’s premier athlete, as well as a model. She also went viral because of a particular dance she performs as a warm-up routine. In this article, we are happy to show our compilation of Sexy and Hot Michelle Jenneke Pictures and discuss her life in greater details.

Jenneke grew up in Kenthurst, New South Wales, and spent her early academic life in The Hills Grammar School. After that, she decided to enroll at Sydney University to study in different fields, including engineering and electronics.

But before she took studying seriously, Jenneke went to Cherrybrook Athletics Club to study hurdling with her coach named Mick Zisti. In 2008, she participated in her first professional entry in Pacific School Games.

In 2010, in the Australian Junior Championships, Jenneke broke a record for the 100 m hurdles category. Next year, she joined an Allstar athletic event. She also appeared in the team for Singapore Youth Olympic Games that happened in 2010.

In 2012, Jenneke flew to Spain and joined the World Junior Championships. Here, she placed 5th for the 100 m hurdle category. Jenneke reached 5th place once again when she joined the 2014     Commonwealth Games that took place in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, she appeared in Universiade and took the 3rd place. That same year, Jenneke went to China and competed for World Championships, where she placed for the 18th.

Jenneke joined the 2016 World Indoor Championships that took place in Poland and obtaining the 10th place. She also represented her country for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the 100 m hurdle category.

In 2017, she scored 17th place in the World Championships that happened in the United Kingdom. That same year, Jenneke participated in Universiade that occurred in Taiwan. Here, she took the 8th place.

She continued competing in the World Indoor Championships in 2018 and emerged in the 22nd place. In 2018 as well, Jenneke scored 4th place in the Commonwealth Games.

Jenneke made her recent appearance in the 2019 World Championship, which allowed her to snag the 19th place.

In 2012, Jenneke got captured dancing that went viral on the video-sharing website, YouTube. The clip became so popular that even The Tonight Show picked it up and decided to feature it in one of their segments. Jenneke’s dancing snippet garnered almost 19 million views, which in that time is already a staggering amount.

Aside from participating in professional championships, Jenneke’s bikini body is also featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, as well as appearing on the website, AskMen.com.

It is no doubt that Michelle Jenneke is a hot and talented athlete. We can also safely say that she’s taking care of her body well, even if she’s currently not participating in any professional competitions.

To celebrate her successes and career highlights, we decided to compile the best of Michelle Jenneke’s ass and boobs photos to showcase to the public.

Sexy and Hot Michelle Jenneke Pictures