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Seeing the sexy pictures of Michelle Beadle, you know that she has an appealing beauty. Michelle Beadle works as an anchor, host, and sports journalist. As you browse her photos, find out more about her professional and personal life.

Michelle Denise Beadle was born on the 23rd of October 1975 in Italy. Beadle is the daughter of the Valero Energy former executive Bob Beadle and Serenella Paladino, and she has two younger siblings, a brother named Robert and a sister.

Beadle spent her childhood life in Roanoke and San Antonio, Texas.

Beadle said that her mom had been her best friend, especially when they had to learn English after immigrating to America.

What makes Beadle hot is that she admitted to being a tomboy while growing up. Beadle used to have all-male friends.

Because Beadle was boyish, it is not surprising that she is professional wrestling, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Astros fan. She also loves dogs. 

Beadle finished her secondary education at Boerne High School. After that, the anchor went to the University of Texas to take up political science. She had an initial goal of becoming a lawyer and even joined a group. However, her goal had to change upon going to Canada.

Beadle went to the University of Texas in San Antonio, where she finished her studies.

Beadle does not have to be in a bikini to become famous and to prove her worth. 

Her career started as a San Antonio Spurs intern and eventually turned into a reporter. Beadle also worked in the Fox Sports Net to host the Big Game Hunters. Beadle worked for CBS, Travel Channel, and TNN, where she reported several athletic events, which rose her into fame.

Aside from sports, she also tackled on occasions from the other fields such as the Red Carpet Golden Globe Awards, Tony Awards, and the like. 

Beadle joined NBC and ESPN and hosted several TV shows, such as SportsNation, Winner Brackets, and more. Beadle also became an anchor on Titan Games and The Michael Kay Show. Beadle was also the one who interviewed Manny Pacquiao in The Fight Game.  

In her career as a journalist, being a subject of controversy is unavoidable because of her opinions. Beadle became controversial when she called out Stephen Smith’s comment about the domestic abuse case of Ray Rice. 

Beadle busted her ass as a reporter and now has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars with a salary of approximately 600,000 dollars.

At present, Beadle is in a relationship with Steve Kazee, an award-winning singer, and actor. The two are living together, and nobody knows when they will get married. As of the moment, they are enjoying their moment together on their travels. 

Beadle is a kind of girl who does not need to flash her boobs or flaunt her body for fame because she has the talent and skills as an anchor. 

Sexy and Hot Michelle Beadle Pictures

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