51 Sexy and Hot Mary Tyler Moore Pictures

This accomplished actress had an impressive resume for a career that spanned more than five decades. Mary Tyler Moore is most famous for her work on sitcoms The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show. She received numerous wins and nominations as an outstanding lead actress.

The sexy Hollywood star also appeared in several box-office films. She starred in the critically acclaimed drama, Ordinary People. Her role as the angst-ridden mother was completely different from the comedic character she usually portrays. 

Apart from acting on television and the silver screen, Mary Tyler Moore also took to the Broadway stage. In 1980, she won a special Tony award for her accomplishment in the play, Whose Life Is It Anyway? 

Despite her growing success, her personal life was full of darkness. Mary Tyler Moore became an alcoholic like her mother before her. Her younger sister died of alcohol overdose. A routine blood test led to the discovery of Type I diabetes. It would take years before she can reach full sobriety.

Through all these struggles, the resilient celebrity kept her smile and kindness. The celebrated actress wrote two memories detailing her efforts on being a recovering alcoholic and living with diabetes.

She advocated numerous causes, some of which are AIDS and HIV awareness, civil rights, depression and suicide, education, gender equality, and mental challenges. Mary Tyler Moore also had a soft spot for animals as she founded Broadway Barks, an annual charity event to promote pet adoption and ownership education.

The hot actress had three husbands. She first married Richard Meeker in 1955 as soon as she finished high school. Mary Tyler Moore tied the knot early, wanting independence from her protective parents. They have one son christened after his father.  Unfortunately, the young man died of an accidental gunshot wound. He was an avid firearm collector. They split in 1961.

Mary Tyler Moore married television executive Grant Tinker a year after her first divorce. Together, they founded a production company named after her, MTM Enterprises. When they separated in 1981, Tinker sold his shares to the business as he moved to head a different network.

Her third husband was a doctor, Robert Levine. They met when he treated Mary Tyler Moore’s mother for respiratory disease.  The pair was together for 33 years until her death in 2017.

The talented celebrity had a reported net worth of 60 million dollars. Though she is no longer with us today, Mary Tyler Moore remains an iconic part of the Hollywood industry. This funny lady had lovely boobs and ass that everyone envied. Feel free to browse through our collection of pinup bikini photos of this beautiful woman.

Sexy and Hot Mary Tyler Moore Pictures

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