45 Sexy and Hot Malin Akerman Pictures

Although not having any plans to enter the acting world when she was young, Malin Akerman became a hot and brilliant actress. However, she’s not only successful in acting, but she’s a multi-talented artist as well and she is crazy beautiful, as you will appreciate from the Sexy and Hot Malin Akerman Pictures we have posted below.

Malin Akerman started her career as a model, taking after her mother, who was also in the modeling world. When she was still young, her mother would bring the little Malin Akerman in various modeling gigs. Later, she different ad campaign deals, which jumpstarted her modeling career.

However, at 12 years old, Malin Akerman quit the industry only to return four years later. That happened after her beauty got discovered by Ford Models. She then signed with the agency, opening her career for projects. Her first contract was Noxzema, a skincare company.

Malin Akerman took psychology in college and used her modeling jobs in catalog layouts and TV commercials to pay for her education. Her constant appearance on TV ads later landed her a guest appearance on a TV show.  She dropped out of York University after a year when her acting career began picking up.

In 2001, Malin Akerman moved to Los Angeles to focus on acting. However, she initially had to take waitressing jobs to support herself while she’s building her career in the show business. Her break in acting came in 2002 for a minor role in the movie The Utopian Society. 

That was only the start of what would be another career for the actress. The editor for the film was the guitarist of Ozono, Francesco Sondelli, who asked the actress for help in the band’s song. Her singing talent later landed Malin Akerman as the vocalist for the group, which consequently changed their name from Ozono to The Petalstones.

In 2004, Malin Akerman got another minor part in the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. The following year, the band released its debut album, but the Swedish actress later left to focus on acting.

Later, Malin Akerman began to get more acting projects, starting from a supporting character in the TV show The Comeback. As her name in the industry gained a level of fame, she landed guest roles in a couple of episodes in Entourage and Love Monkey.

In 2007, Malin Akerman also got a part for the comedy movie The Brothers Solomon, which was a massive hit both in the critics and public. Later, she co-starred in The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. The film was another box office hit, which further cemented the actress’s Hollywood career. 

Her other appearance includes 27 Dresses, Bye Bye Sally, and Everybody Wins. Another break for the actress came in the superhero movie in 2009, Watchmen, where she got the lead role to play Silk Spectre II. The film was, again, commercial success and earned the actress several acting awards. 

Her beauty didn’t go unnoticed either, as FHM ranked her as one of the sexiest women in the world. Look at her sexy bikini photos, and you’ll know she’s got the impressive ass and boobs to be part of the top 100 list.

Sexy and Hot Malin Akerman Pictures